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It’s been a magical time here in Broome this time.. something about it has grabbed my soul and planted me deep in the red earth, grounded me and whispered ‘Stay’ just a little longer.. maybe lot, maybe a LOT a LOT.. 

Every time I see that view of the brightest turquoise sea waters and hitting the red pindan desert earth.. my heart takes a breath and melts a bit more.. it literally takes my breath away, those colours, that richness of earth and water and this place..

While I’m up here I’ve been going through some amazing changes and opening up even more to abundance and love and going with the flow – if you know me at all you know Im a very ‘free spirit’ so I love the journey, I love the adventure, and I love letting life and spirit lead me wherever it wants to take me.. even if that means I have to let go of some things and some people and some physical stuff.. it is all TOTALLY WORTH IT.. 

If you want to join me on the amazing journey I have a beautiful online spiritual coaching package starting 1st of October which includes: daily guided meditations, weekly group coaching, a magical supportive online VIP community on Facebook of like minded souls, mind blowing sound healing, individual 1-2-1 weekly coaching (60min sessions), intuitive guidance and angel card pulls.. its really something and its coming soon|! I am so excite as I create content for this program, I feel excited to see what transformation this will bring for my lovely clients and what magical shifts will happen in their lives! 

if this sounds like something you’d like to join me on – let me know and I will email you back some info. 
on that note… Laaaa… have a beautiful weekend wherever you are in the world, know that you are loved, supported and guided (even if you don’t always feel it) 

x Prita