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Up in Smoke


Hello from a Sun-shiney-bird-singing kind of day in my home town Freo’… 

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my pre-save campaign for the studio single ‘Up in Smoke’.. you can pre-save it out here.. then you’ll be notified first when it lands on Spotify. #pleasedo 🙂 

I had the pleasure of working with my friend Jaimi Faulkner on this album and this song was also co-written with him. At the time I was about to move back from Germany to Australia and had some big decisions to make. The song was recorded in a great studio in Duisburg and features vocals, electric guitar, drums, it’s atmospheric and electric folk pop ballad style.. you will be able to hear it soon on Spotify, AppleMusic and all the digital places you find good music.. 

(you will even be able to find it on TikTok.. we might need to start a trend singing the chorus ‘up in smoke, up in smoke.. la la la’.. what do you reckon??) 

Artwork is by another friend of mine – the amazing Natalia Fidyka

I’m gonna attempt to keep this short and sweet! so thankyou for clicking the presave link – when it lands I’ll probably send a reminder and ask you to share it to the world, make a tiktok with me (yes I already have an account.. its pretty silly.. you might find me dancing, singing, cooking.. peeling eggs.. all kinds of things.. ) find me over there if that’s your jam too! 

Hope this note finds you well and happy, and if not – here’s a virtual hug for you. 

x Prita