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The Sweetness of Life & the kindness of Strangers..

The sweetness of life & kindness of strangers.

The other day I was walking through Berlin and kept noticing these moments, small moments of tiny kindnesses that melted my heart a bit and some that put tears in my eyes.

Talking to the 80+ year old German lady on the bus to the airport, as she left she said ‘stay healthy’ (in German) and squeezed my cheek ( she also told me to have 1 or 2 kids because it’s nice to have company later on in life)..

At the train station one guy saw me struggling with my luggage a little bit and offered to carry my hot pink suitcase down the stairs.. (I accepted graciously) after carrying it down the stairs he smiled tipped his head and walked away..

The old Turkish dude at the train station who took the time to clear away the pile of broken green bottle glass with his foot while other people just walked past.. we caught eyes and both smiled.

The lady in the nail place who let the younger more impatient girl go first.. the Vietnamese nail lady & I exchanged the ‘look’ and smiled..

The people who skipped the line at the airport security and offered for me to go ahead of them ( I said no it’s fine I have plenty of time) they smiled and we continued waiting in line together…

The security guard at the Berlin airport who joked about how dangerous musicians are as he had to re-scan my guitar and open it for a look… I thought they weren’t supposed to joke about these things but it was Berlin after all…

The bus driver who one minute was swearing in German at another bus driver (a$&&..) and 10 minutes later was giving us a running commentary and cracking jokes .. who does that?! Oh yes bus drivers in berlin!

Just one of those very present moment days where I noticed & appreciated everything..


Life is full of these moments that create happy little memories or overall moods of a place and time…

Or as a podcast I just listened to called them chronotopes.. #beautifulanonymous


The unexpected conversation I had with a German lady on the train who worked in Guatemala for 7 years on a land care project empowering local people to manage their land in more sustainable ways.

I’m collecting moments for my memory moment scrapbook.. mostly it doesn’t have physical photos or snaps… but pictures that remain in my visual memory banks…

Moments in time.

Things to be appreciated.

Every day is a new day ready to fill my imaginary scrapbook.

Pocket those lovely mini moments in time and savour & celebrate them…

My life has been pretty amazing these last few years traveling all throughout Europe and visiting many towns and far away places capturing moments like this.

I guess seeing the world like this is part of my songwriting brain. I wonder about people’s stories. I gather and collect them like fruits & berries in season. Ripe, full, rosy, ready for picking.

That day I also met a lovely Cuban woman, we had so much in common even though we come from such different places.

I also hung out with my Mexican friend and had breakfast with her chatting in German.

That’s why I love Berlin, it’s such a melting pot of cultures and people from all over. I miss it when I travel a lot. I feel so at home when I’m back. It feels easy. I know it. And yet there’s always so much to discover.

Today I am in Norway, sitting at a cafe doing some work while I wait for my guy.. tomorrow I am off on tour again to the UK (you can see all the tour dates here ) there are a couple dates still free if someone has a last minute house concert or gig wish! Just get in touch with me and we can talk..

AND my BIG NEWS and latest offering…

ta da.. da da da da daaaaa….18950921_10155139137386066_7041015235090370037_n

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Hope you’re having a lovely day / night / week wherever you are in the world..


Greetings from NORWAY (land of the midnight sun)

Best wishes,

Prita Grealy

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