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The End of the World! (as we know it)

I wonder if it was the end of the world now (or tomorrow) as they say 21.12.12 what would you be doing now? and would you do anything different than what you had done up until now? would you hug your family more? would you send more presents? would you have more cups of tea with friends? would you go after your dreams and dream BIG ? would you tell your loved ones how much you love them?

One of the things that really started me on a different path and following my dreams a few years ago was the question: ‘If I look into the future and imagine myself being 80 years old and sitting on my verandah rocking in my rocking chair (that is how I picture it!), what will I look back on? what will be my biggest accomplishments and happiest moments? and what would I change if I could?’

When I first asked myself this question, it lead to me changing my career path and following my passion for performing and music.

I wonder when I ask myself again, what things I will change, and what things will stay the same? at this time of contemplation & reflection – the end of one year – 2012 and the beginning of the next – 2013! Or the end of the world as we know it and the Beginning of the next shift in the world!

More of the things I love: spending quality time with loved ones; speaking & connecting with family and friends; making music; singing & performing; taking photos; sharing my world; connecting with other artists & people; collaborating; candlelit nights; relaxing music; writing & journalling in cafes; travelling; cooking and eating delicious food!; dancing – even at home by myself! or in the loungeroom with my man!; moving my body – exercising, stretching, breathing; time in nature; .. to be continued..

and less of the things that I don’t love: stress; unclear communication; messiness (paperwork.. ).. etc.. I like to look at this side of the list as a ‘what I could improve on’ & ‘area’s to get better at!’ 🙂 or sometimes let go of, things to clear and clean up my act on.

I also like to turn these things around and into actionable items & affirmations.

I had to fix some things that broke on my website today and as I was doing this I was encouraged to ‘backup, backup, backup..’ so I was looking at some old posts and read back to July 2011 and it made me think what a journey it has been so far!!! wow!..

In the past year and a bit I have moved from Australia to Europe. I have toured and visited the UK many times, France, Ireland, Holland, Denmark, and seen a lot of Germany! had an awesome holiday in Spain with my brother & his wife!! played in festivals; returned home to Australia touring and catching up with family & friends; moved from my original starting point of England to Berlin, Germany; I also moved homes 3 times since being here; started German Language classes (ok only 3 wks ago! but still.. );made new friends; spent lots of time in the studio collaborating with another musician & producer on new music; wrote new songs; got publishing representation; worked with booking agents in Germany & England; made contacts for more touring next year in France, Spain, Holland and Belgium; played heaps of shows!!! met my love!! and moved in! 😉 all in the space of a year!!

I wonder what next year will bring!! 🙂 I am excited to see what comes out of it and I am planning for a big and beautiful year!

I read a fabulous idea for bringing feeling into the New Year on Danielle LaPorte’s website about what your desired feelings are for this year it really resonated with me and I think it’s a great way to start your goal setting from the inside – out!

Hope you really have a fabulous Christmas time with friends, family and loved ones and that your NEW Year brings you much joy, happiness… and whatever else you Desire!!

x Prita