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the amazing adventures of Prita… June Newsletter!

Prita Newsletter June 2013

v France & Belgium Tour Wrap-up & thanks Ginko Musik

v Australia 1 Show Only & my Sister’s wedding..

v New Live Videos – Bordeaux Acoustic Music Shop & Damien Thanks!

v The Swiss Mountain Scary ride!

v Germany Shows

v I’m an Aunty Again

v New Life Album available for ‘signed, sealed, delivered to your door’

v Funny Dog Talking Video… I just had to share because I love dogs and it’s hilarious…!!!

France & Belgium Tour Wrap-up & thanks Ginko Musik

France was aaaammaaaazinggg… I really enjoyed my time touring over there and realized that I was rushing through life a little and needed to just slow down a bit and ENJOY what I was doing, where I was.. I think the French way of living and ‘mind-set’ is a great way to look at life – enjoy it! Someone told me ‘the secret to happiness is ‘don’t think too much’ .. I like that.. because I am a thinker.. and sometimes I really overdo it!! So it was a good reminder to just be in the moment and enjoy my life! Apart from that it was many walks down cobbled streets, gazing in shop windows (or ‘window licking’ as it translates from French ).. eating things with baguette and fromage.. drinking espresso’s at little cafes.. and generally being inspired by my surroundings and people watching.. The shows were great and after the first couple of getting my feet used to being in another country and custom.. I started introducing myself in French and then suddenly.. I was in Belgium!! J

In Belgium I got to catch up with the lovely Anita Revel – (author, celebrant, all round goddess) and her son Connor (cricket extraordinaire) where we managed to squeeze in a couple of Belgian Beers, Chocolates and an amazing meal at an African restaurant (as you do) including sweet fried bananas, the hottest yummiest chilli sauce ever, and some kind of fish & prawns in a spinach-y type sauce.. lecker!! I played at a great eco-café called ‘Urban Ecology’ thanks Sabri! and really enjoyed the audience and the other artists – Joy Simar – this girl has got soul!!! . Big thanks to Gerald at Ginko Music for organizing this tour!

In Paris I got to catch up with my gorgeous friend Kymi who just had a baby!!! And got to have many cuddles… yeah!!! I also managed to find something special for my sister’s wedding in July!! Which brings me to….

Australia 1 Show Only & my sister’s wedding..

I will be playing ONE SHOW ONLY in Perth at the Ellington Jazz Club on JULY 25th with the fabulous Lucy Peach– you can book tickets here:

It will be great to come home for a few weeks and be there for my sister’s wedding! (congratulations Mala & Ismahl) I have written a special song for them on their special day.. some of you may have heard it at a concert already.. as I practice for the big day!! (don’t tell my sister – it’s a surprise – haha).. and it will be my love’s first time in OZ so I look forward to showing him my home-town and introducing him to my friends and family and all our Australian customs 😉 and keeping him safe from all the ‘dangerous animals’!! 😉 Apparently we have quite a few.. I never really noticed before I came to Europe..

Back to the tour.. next were a couple of shows in Bordeaux, which were very lively and enjoyable! I also managed to squeeze in recording a few songs live at a local acoustic guitar shop!! Video link here ——–
Thanks to Damien, Max and just quietly… there may be a new live album coming from a show we recorded in Bordeaux! I’ll keep you posted… shhhhhhh….. 😉 and I got asked to sign this guitar amongst superstars Ben Harper, Xavier Rudd, John Butler, Jack Johnson.. just to name a few!!

I spent a day off on my way home to Berlin – in Nice!! And it was such a magical day.. Wandering around the beautiful city and along the beach.. I managed to find some magical waterfalls and the most amazing views overlooking the city.. as well as a few small cafes, and patisseries! And some gorgeous local produce markets.. I spent a few hours on the beach!! And even went in for a dip’ – it was so great to feel the salt on my skin again.. I highly recommend going there if you ever get the chance, it really is a lovely place to relax and spend time, and I hope to go back there again someday… and take a million more photos.

The hardest thing about touring (apart from carrying heaps of gear and daily travelling, lack of sleep etc.. J) is missing your loved ones and with my man at home in Berlin I was wishing he could be enjoying this tour with me!! I feel so lucky to have such a supportive and loving man in my life!! And one day I’d love to make it BIG so I can take him on tour with me!! Yeah let’s
aim for that!!

The next show was in Switzerland up the top of this great big mountain!! At the base there were cows grazing on green green grass.. and at the summit – snow!! I had to take a gondola lift up to the highest point and when I reached what I thought was the top I was like.. great!! Here we go.. and then the guy was like, no… you have to go up there… pointing up to the clouds!!! So I entered a second Gondola and watched the ground slowly falling away as we rose higher and higher into the sky!! A little bit scary!! But fantastic views of the alps and surrounding areas!! I was pretty happy to reach the top! And as the gondola approached the docking station it slowed.. right.. down.. and I was like.. come on.. just a little bit further.. not a great place to stop yet… eeek!! I played on the deck overlooking the amazing views … photo here.. and warmed up with singing inside a cave!!

Then spent a couple days off in Lucerne to recover from all the travelling… it is another very beautiful city with lots of lakes and mountain views.. treeesss… and relaxed in the beautiful sunshine there.. and it was just what I needed! (I had been coming down with a cold.. so it was good just to stop for a couple of days and do not much apart from wandering and sitting by the water watching the swans and ducks.. in the sunshine). I’m such a nature girl.. it always tops up my ‘well’ to be around trees and water.. ahhh..! and I ran into a group of monks which I took as a really good sign.

Germany Shows

Last night I was in ‘Uhldingen-Muhlhofen’ – try saying that 10 times fast… the concert was set in a beautiful old building with antique furniture in blue velvet, and chandeliers (I love chandeliers) and a couple of old pianos thrown in for good luck.. the audience was lovely and I felt really relaxed playing after my days off! Today I’m heading up to Eisenach half-way home to Berlin where I will catch up with my Aunty and Uncle from Australia!! Whoohoo!!! I am on the train as I write this.. and only have to change 7 times.. but hey I’ve done 2 changes already so only 5 to go J

Aunty Again

Some More special news!! MY brother and sister in law just had their first baby! So I get to be an aunty again!! I am so happy for them and wish them all the best of the best xx Zac & Fifi and my new little nephew JJ.

New Life Album available for ‘signed, sealed, delivered to your door’

IF you missed out at a show recently and want to get your own copy of my Album ‘New Life’ which I recorded in Australia with my band, or you just love it so much you want another copy to give your best friends J– you can email me direct for your own personalized copy and I will personally sign it, pack it and post it to you anywhere in the world for only €20 Euro – you can easily pay by using paypal and this email and sending me your address and who you’d like me to make it out to! I would be delighted! If you prefer digital downloads you can head on over to and download all of my albums!

Funny Dog Talking Video… I just had to share because I love dogs and it’s hilarious…!!!

Link here… if you made it this far you deserve a good laugh!! J I think I’ve already watched it 10 times but could watch it everyday…!

Thanks for reading, for being a part of my real life ‘team’ of supporters, and for helping me ‘live my dream’ which is travelling and touring my music around Europe & the WORLD! 😉 it brings me so much joy to be doing what I love and I give thanks everyday that I am so blessed to be able to make a living from music and have so many wonderful adventures!

x Prita