Prita Grealy

Sitting in a cafe in Berlin

Watching the world go by, from a cafe seat in Berlin. Listening to a Jazz compilation CD in my headphones to block out the world and focus here.. drinking camomile tea… I know right.. soooo rock’n’roll I am!! sometimes.. Last night was a fabulous last minute gig with Mckinley Black at the Kastanienwäldchen a bar […]

Thoughts of the morning!

Its important to me: To be happy. To be mostly peaceful in my day to day life. To live by my heart. To follow my passion. To be kind. To feel my way with intuition. To take calculated risks. To be adventurous. To be curious about people, stories, places.. To live freely expressing myself. To […]

Late night Can’t Sleep-e-ness and why I love Germany!

SO I went to bed early tonight after a lovely home-cooked meal and some (quite a few) glasses of red.. slept like a log for approximately one or two hours.. and now.. awake.. tried reading.. cup of herb tea.. second cup of herb tea.. meditating (lasted 5 mins).. gentle music.. (nice).. more reading.. ok enough […]

Wishing you a Happy New Year! 2012! all the way from here…

HOw was your New Years’ Celebration? I was in a town I’d never been to, in a country I’d never before visited with a bunch of lovely new friends I’d just made!!! Talk about ‘New’ year! We were in Ireland, and after visiting the Jameson’s Distillery the day before and having a randomly huge night […]