Prita Grealy

Do you want to sing with me?

It’s September already! (my birthday month) can you believe it!! 🙂 This year feels like it’s flying by.. I’ve got some new free stuff FOR YOU!! – if you use an ‘android’ phone there is now a free downloadable app to follow my gigs and updates from reverbnation! (Maastricht, Netherlands) Last month was quite […]

Have you missed me?

Hey, I know it’s been a while.. I’ve been doing all kinds of new things since we last spent time on a page together.. Basically I had a whirlwind visit to Geneve’ (magical place) followed by Nice & Canne in the south of France.. as you do! I was lucky enough to spend a Loooong […]

‘Ich habe keine Banane hunger Papa!!’

These were the entertaining words of a 5 year old on the train from Hattersheim to Frankfurt… Picture a father and child – the father is trying to get the kid to eat some banana – the kid in very clear German with arms waving all over the place to re-enforce his point says ‘ […]

I’m on tour again!

Sitting on a bus on the way to Witten.. only a few million hours of travelling but thank god for wifi on the bus.. that is really civilized don’t you think? I had a great few days of gigs up north in Germany last weekend – my first time in Sankt Peter – Ording playing […]

UK, Belgium and German Tour coming soon!

Dear Friends! In a very short while I will be off again on tour around the UK, Belgium and Germany! It’s pretty exciting – I haven’t been to the UK for a little while so it will be great to sing there again and catch up with old friends! I’ll be playing a houseconcert in […]

Eating Quark Balls in Germany.. Getting sand in your bathers in OZ..

Hello my Lovelies! It has been a great big fat ol’ year 2013 and I am soooo READY to embrace a new year in 2014 with fresh ears, eyes, heart, and spirit! I hope you are too! The ‘Fairytale Fundraiser’ was so successful – we reached both goals of getting me a flight to OZ […]

Week 3 ‘Guessing the thing’ Competition

Yes it’s Week 3 ‘Guessing the Thing’ Competition already!! We had 2 winners last week that guessed the thing and now it’s your turn! Simply watch this video:  and the previous weeks if you need more clues – – then post your answers on and subscribe to my channel 🙂 good luck!

Have you guessed the thing yet?

Dear Friends! Have you guessed ‘the thing’ yet? if you are subscribed to my youtube channel you will have seen week 1 & week 2 videos with clues to help you guess the thing!! and WIN A PRIZE.. If not you can pop over now and watch them here: Once you think you […]

a day in Nice..

I had the most amazing day in Nice to end up a great tour in France and Belgium.. I had 8 hours between flights so I put my luggage in storage and went for an adventure.. I feel so lucky to be living my dreams.. literally!!! and it was such a magical day wandering around […]

Spring is in the Air!

I know it still doesn’t seem like it here in the Northern Hemisphere.. as the weather is STILL overcast, white cloudy skies, snow melting on the ground, pale faces walking the streets.. BUT.. today I just feeel it in the AIR.. SPRING is definitely in the AIR. I can hear birds chirping and singing in […]