Prita Grealy

Update on the New Album!

Update on the New Album! I know it’s been a while coming peeps.. but good quality takes time, as they say! The tracks are all coming along really nicely I’m loving the new sound – it will be unlike anything you’ve heard from me before!! so be ready to embrace a brand new sound with […]

You found the Cookies!

Congratulations! You found the cookies! You can find more delicious things like this here for your ears!! It’s basically a cheeky way to tell you where you can download my music!! I also love giving stuff away and that’s why I created 5 special songs from a mix of live radio interviews to fully […]

I found a recording studio in Athens!

I found a recording studio in Athens, Sierra Studios, thanks to Kristian! I’m looking forward to spending a few days recording some of my new songs for my new EP.. and my gorgeous and talented friend Caroline Wise of ‘Wise Designs’ is designing an amazing masterpiece of a cover with me!~ very exciting! I love […]