Prita Grealy

New XMAS PRESENTS! Support Prita’s New album and Get Great Xmas Gifts too!!

Hey Friends!! I’m making it super easy for you to Get ALL your XMAS PRESENTS in one place online! EASY, Unique, Special Gifts sent directly to you for Christmas!! for the music lovers in your family! Some GREAT ideas for XMAS PRESENTS for those unique gifts that you cant’ find anywhere else! ‪#‎livemusic‬ ‪#‎independentmusic‬ […]

Have you guessed the thing yet?

Dear Friends! Have you guessed ‘the thing’ yet? if you are subscribed to my youtube channel you will have seen week 1 & week 2 videos with clues to help you guess the thing!! and WIN A PRIZE.. If not you can pop over now and watch them here: Once you think you […]

A New Love SONG!

THis is a little song I recorded in Bordeaux at a very cool little music shop – it’s a love song about how I met Ausberto!

a day in Nice..

I had the most amazing day in Nice to end up a great tour in France and Belgium.. I had 8 hours between flights so I put my luggage in storage and went for an adventure.. I feel so lucky to be living my dreams.. literally!!! and it was such a magical day wandering around […]

The Radical Redefinition of having it all – Interview with Celina Wilde!

One my good friends and fellow adventurers has been writing her own blog called the Radical Redefinition of Having it all. She writes inspiring articles about chasing your own dreams and what makes her happy! You can check out her blog and watch the interview I had with Celina Wilde of ‘The Radical Redefinition of […]

Late night Can’t Sleep-e-ness and why I love Germany!

SO I went to bed early tonight after a lovely home-cooked meal and some (quite a few) glasses of red.. slept like a log for approximately one or two hours.. and now.. awake.. tried reading.. cup of herb tea.. second cup of herb tea.. meditating (lasted 5 mins).. gentle music.. (nice).. more reading.. ok enough […]

Goddess Leonie’s Online Business Course!

I’ve just started studying Goddess Leonie’s online Business Course! and I am loving it!! I am finding so many useful tips and inspiration from it and I want to share it with you! take a look here Click here to visit Goddess Leonie’s website!