Prita Grealy

Girl Get Your Goddess On

Thanks to everyone who donated to my ‘fairytale’ campaign – this request was from Anita Revel – she wrote the new chorus – Girl Get Your Goddess on – from the Original ‘Girl Put your Records on’ by Corinne Bailey Rae.

Goddess Haven e-course coming soon!

I’ve just moved house.. and this really sung to me as I still have boxes and bags to unpack.. and reading a bit about Leonie’s experience with de-cluttering and how it affects your everyday life rang a few bells! Especially this bit ‘Do some clearing to get clarity’ ‘…there was the time I couldn’t make […]

Resting and Relaxing in a tiny town called…

GLuckstadt! I’m loving it here! after a lot of busy-ness and running around and also massive changes, moving house, touring all over the place etc etc.. it’s good to finally sit still for a little while.. and soak in the sun (zonnen shine) SHine! I also love hanging out with the family and new friends […]

Goddess Leonie’s Online Business Course!

I’ve just started studying Goddess Leonie’s online Business Course! and I am loving it!! I am finding so many useful tips and inspiration from it and I want to share it with you! take a look here Click here to visit Goddess Leonie’s website!