Prita Grealy

How we almost missed the flight from Belgium!

Touring is all about adventuring and we certainly had a lot of adventures on our last little tour of Belgium and France over the Valentine’s Weekend! Deciding to hire a car was a great idea!.. not hiring a GPS or having a proper map… not so good an idea.. but you know how you just […]

Late night Can’t Sleep-e-ness and why I love Germany!

SO I went to bed early tonight after a lovely home-cooked meal and some (quite a few) glasses of red.. slept like a log for approximately one or two hours.. and now.. awake.. tried reading.. cup of herb tea.. second cup of herb tea.. meditating (lasted 5 mins).. gentle music.. (nice).. more reading.. ok enough […]

Holy Guacamole’ and “Postcards from Europe Tour” 2012

Hello My Lovelies!! (Hallo Mein Lovelies)!! and Holy Guacamole!! how many shows have I got coming up!! I am so excited to be touring all over Germany, England, Italy!! and back in Australia in August – September too!! So.. where do I start.. ?? Since I last sent an email newsletter so much has happened! […]