Prita Grealy

Sitting in a cafe in Berlin

Watching the world go by, from a cafe seat in Berlin. Listening to a Jazz compilation CD in my headphones to block out the world and focus here.. drinking camomile tea… I know right.. soooo rock’n’roll I am!! sometimes.. Last night was a fabulous last minute gig with Mckinley Black at the Kastanienwäldchen a bar […]

Oh the Places we shall go!

Hey Loves! So nice of you to join me yet again! 🙂 I’ve been really busy touring over the last couple of months and finally have a breather to catch up and write to you! I also had a lovely friend Chichi from Kanso Creative, re-do, upgrade and make my website totally amazing.. I […]

Finding Cute Cafes

Do you ever feel like you’re holding yourself back from really enjoying what is around you? I had a realisation today that I’ve been ‘holding back’ from exploring my own neighbourhood and letting my creative spirit come out. Being a creative person you need stimulation in the form of different environments, people watching, reading, writing, […]

Hamburg Hasenschaukel Live Review April 2013

Live Review from the Dangerous Cobra Live music blog Freitag, 26. April 2013 Prita in Hamburg | One-Woman-Show in der Hasenschaukel! 🙂 Am Freitag, den 19.April hieß unser Ziel: Hasenschaukel auf dem Kiez in Hamburg. Die Location ist eine süße, kleine Bar, die man von außen gut an ihrer rosa Farbe erkennt. Nach und […]

The Radical Redefinition of having it all – Interview with Celina Wilde!

One my good friends and fellow adventurers has been writing her own blog called the Radical Redefinition of Having it all. She writes inspiring articles about chasing your own dreams and what makes her happy! You can check out her blog and watch the interview I had with Celina Wilde of ‘The Radical Redefinition of […]