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Ellington Show for the BERLINERS!

BERLINERS!! The Next Berlin Show is at The lovely Ellington Hotel, Berlin on the 26th April at 8pm in the Kleine Lounge Tickets are available at the hotel reception or by email / phone – website €10 Vorverkauf and €12 Abendkasse book now! ELLINGTON HOTEL BERLIN Nürnberger Strasse Hotel-Betriebs-GmbH Nürnberger Straße 50-55 10789 Berlin […]

UK, Belgium and German Tour coming soon!

Dear Friends! In a very short while I will be off again on tour around the UK, Belgium and Germany! It’s pretty exciting – I haven’t been to the UK for a little while so it will be great to sing there again and catch up with old friends! I’ll be playing a houseconcert in […]

the amazing adventures of Prita… June Newsletter!

Prita Newsletter June 2013 v France & Belgium Tour Wrap-up & thanks Ginko Musik v Australia 1 Show Only & my Sister’s wedding.. v New Live Videos – Bordeaux Acoustic Music Shop & Damien Thanks! v The Swiss Mountain Scary ride! v Germany Shows v I’m an Aunty Again v New Life Album available for […]

A New Love SONG!

THis is a little song I recorded in Bordeaux at a very cool little music shop – it’s a love song about how I met Ausberto!

Spring is in the Air!

I know it still doesn’t seem like it here in the Northern Hemisphere.. as the weather is STILL overcast, white cloudy skies, snow melting on the ground, pale faces walking the streets.. BUT.. today I just feeel it in the AIR.. SPRING is definitely in the AIR. I can hear birds chirping and singing in […]

The End of the World! (as we know it)

I wonder if it was the end of the world now (or tomorrow) as they say 21.12.12 what would you be doing now? and would you do anything different than what you had done up until now? would you hug your family more? would you send more presents? would you have more cups of tea […]

Christmas Song!

I just wrote my first ever Christmas Song! you can watch it here! I am excited to be sharing it with you – please leave a message and let me know what you think on youtube – you can also subscribe to see new videos as they are posted each week!

New Berlin Guitars Video with Coby & Prita

My good friend and fellow singer-songwriter Coby Grant and I did an intimate concert at Berlin Guitars, Germany earlier this year. It was a beautiful location filled with instuments and many music loving people! you can watch a bit of it here..

Autumn Colours in Berlin

I am loving the colours here in Autumn – it is so pretty.. so much red, yellow, green, orange.. it’s like a rainbow of confetti on the ground at times.. Today after my run I was searching for some sunshine and followed a beam of light down a street I don’t normally go down – […]


Meine nächste BERLIN ZEIGT! – Wenn Sie in diesem Hals der Wälder leben, es wäre schön, Sie zu sehen! MY Next BERLIN SHOWS! – if you live in this neck of the woods it would be lovely to see you! Nov 23rd Magical House Concert supporting Hussy Hicks (AU) (email or message for details) Nov […]