Prita Grealy

Update on the new album and Feb News!

Update on the New Album ‘Northern Lights’! I know it’s been a while coming peeps.. but good quality takes time, as they say! The tracks are all coming along really nicely. I’m loving the new sound – it will be unlike anything you’ve heard from me before!! so be ready to embrace a brand new […]

Crowd Funding for my New Global Album and Great prizes for you!

Hey Friends! It’s finally here the crowdfunder for my new album!! and I”m really excited can you tell?? I will be heading to Norway next month to continue creating the new album!! and you can be a part of it by supporting my indigogo campaign and getting great prizes like.. me singing down the phone […]

Late night Can’t Sleep-e-ness and why I love Germany!

SO I went to bed early tonight after a lovely home-cooked meal and some (quite a few) glasses of red.. slept like a log for approximately one or two hours.. and now.. awake.. tried reading.. cup of herb tea.. second cup of herb tea.. meditating (lasted 5 mins).. gentle music.. (nice).. more reading.. ok enough […]