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Sometimes you get reminders.. To be grateful..

Sometimes you get reminders.. To be grateful for where you are and all you have..and how you got here.. Today I had a reminder.. 

When I look back at the journey so far in my musical life, there are so many people that have helped me along the way, whether big or small every helpful gesture has smoothed the way ahead for me. People that have -opened doors literally and figuratively, fixed the sound, found me a bed, got me in touch with other musicians, introduced me to booking agents, gigs, venues, recording studios, taken me on tour, gave me a smile, bought a cd, played my music on radio, said a kind word of encouragement or just been there listening.. I sometimes get so wrapped up in my own world with all the things going on in my life that I forget to say thankyou.. So I am sending out lots of little thankyou notes into the universe now to all of you that have helped in some way along the way.. You know who you are..

I was just talking to my mum today about the moment I decided to pursue music seriously, and it was an actual moment I remember very clearly..
Sitting on a stormy beach by myself in St maarten in the Caribbean, I had been working for a year as a stewardess on a yacht and although there were many great adventures it wasn’t making my heart sing, I was exhausted and hadn’t been playing my music, and I knew I needed to do something about it.. I was having a moment.. Down at the beach writing, pouring my heart out in the pages of my journal, listening to music on my iPod with tears streaming down my face.. There was no-one else on the beach and I needed to be alone to get this out.. So I wrote and wrote and wrote until I had written everything that was making me unhappy.. Very cathartic! Then I turned the page and said, well what do I want? And started writing writing writing.. It was very clear that I needed to play my music again, play in front of audiences, and get out there and just do it!!! I had no idea how this was Going to happen as I was still working fulltime..  When I had finished writing I packed up and walked down the beach.. I heard live music in the distance so I followed the sound til I found this little beach bar at the end of the bay.. Bought a drink and sat to watch the band! In the break I got up the courage to talk to the guys in the band and they invited me to play the next evening at the beginning of their set! I was thrilled to get the chance to play in public again! At the next gig a guy from the local radio station was watching and asked if I’d like to come and do an interview and play live..and so rolled on the opportunities by talking to people, being offered gigs, putting myself out there and accepting help From all kinds of great people along the way..

   I’ve had people show me the best places to busk in New York, give me a chance to play in their cafe, offer me festival spots, help me with a foot in the door in Europe.. Organize gigs for me,help me with artwork for CDs and posters, amazing photographers take pictures for me, people that helped me with my website, people that have taken me on tour as a support act, taken me under their wing.. Given me a roof over my head, given me
Advice.. Or just been a friend and listened.. With a shoulder to lean on.. So many many many things… And I am truly grateful!!!