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Sitting in a cafe in Berlin

Watching the world go by, from a cafe seat in Berlin. Listening to a Jazz compilation CD in my headphones to block out the world and focus here.. drinking camomile tea… I know right.. soooo rock’n’roll I am!! sometimes..

Mckinley Black and Prita Grealy at Kastanianwäldchen, Berlin

Last night was a fabulous last minute gig with Mckinley Black at the Kastanienwäldchen a bar in Reinikensdorf.. lovely audience and very spontaneous jamming with Mckinley and myself on stage. There was also a group of Aussie Film-makers in the audience!! they are makeing a documentary on Women musicians so it was kind of perfect.. and we had a great chat afterwards … will let you know when that gets released into the world!

SO after so many busy months of touring literally all over the place and having a ball!! I am back in Berlin for a bit, and back at the international Schule teaching a few afternoons of singing and guitar each week, and I love it! the kids are so inspiring and how quickly they learn and pick up stuff still amamzes me. I also have a few private students from home and via SKYPE when they live overseas, its fab that we can actually do that these days! techno-amazement..

Prita's Amazing 7th Album Indigogo Project!

Aswell as teaching I have a great big project in the wings waiting to be released – my next INDIGOGO crowd funding campaign for a brand new ALBUM!!! whoohoo happy dance!! I recorded a few tracks in CUBA recently and will be collaborating with some more amamzing musicians in NORWAY to complete the album!! I am really excited as this is a long time coming and it has all just fallen perfectly into place! thanks universe.

I will be posting more soon about the upcoming album and crowd-funding campaign!! and if you have any super ideas for prizes I’d love to hear them – you can either email me here prita @ or drop by on good ol’ facebookey and leave a comment with your amazing ideas 🙂 thanks for listening x Prita