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Resting and Relaxing in a tiny town called…


I’m loving it here! after a lot of busy-ness and running around and also massive changes, moving house, touring all over the place etc etc.. it’s good to finally sit still for a little while.. and soak in the sun (zonnen shine) SHine!

Prita and Puppy in the Zonnen SHinen..

I also love hanging out with the family and new friends here and the Puppy!!! 🙂 so cute!! in the Beautiful backyard garden!! We had fruchstuck (breakfast) in the Garden the morning after the gig with everyone!! Check out how much food there is!! I love German Breakfast!! they really know how to enjoy food!! 😉

Fruchstuck in the Garten!

I wasn’t planning on taking a break now – I was planning on continue-ing and meeting up with Jaimi Faulkner on tour and playing a few more gigs as guest backing vocalist and opening a few more shows.. then going back to Berlin and playing a show there.. then up to Hamburg again.. and continue-ing on touring around Germany..

I played with the gorgeous Coby Grant in a 400 year old house / barn to a lovely crowd!!

Coby Grant on stage in Kremdorf

But then I got a little bit sick.. had a sore throat.. and the snotty nose came.. and the fever.. and chills.. so I said to self ‘OK SELF.. do you want to keep pushing on through? or have a bit of a break for a few days??? ‘ after much deliberation of all the options a), b), C).. .. and keeping an open mind and open plan.. I chose to take a few days off and relax in this lovely little town.. and I AM LOVING IT!! sometimes I forget how good it is to take a break!! and enjoy where I am!! and SURPRISE surprise.. I am starting to feel better !! throat is clearing up.. head getting clearer.. noice.. ( in an Aussie Kath & Kim accent)

Gluckstadt harbour Germany

I was lucky enough to be invited on tour with my great friend Jaimi Faulkner who is touring his new single release ‘In my fathers’ boots’ and getting radio play & TV appearances in Holland!! and we played some great shows in Dachau, Torgau, and Ingolstadt!! at a couple of festivals.. with lots of people!! it was so much fun to be on tour with a band again and to be a singing dancing backup vocalist alongside the awesome Jacinta Caruana (fellow Aussie singer songwriter from Melbourne – check her out ) I also got the opportunity to open for JF at the festival Jazz in Allen Gassen – check out the crowd!! oh yeah!! ( cue dreams coming true bit!! )

Prita at Jazz Festival Dachau 2012 with Jaimi Faulkner Band

In the last few weeks I have also played at one of the most beautiful intimate festivals in Aarhus, Denmark!! the Melodica Festival Aarhus!! I met so many wonderful people and great musicians, there were sing-a-longs all weekend long, good vibes and general soul-full-filling times!! I had a great host Ole’ who took me to see the Queens’ summer palace and gardens!! as well as taught me how to say a few things in Danish ‘du a e smuck tre’ (you are a beautiful tree) 🙂 which I managed to sing in one of my songs..

Mijo and the mob at Aarhus Melodica 2012

Mijo Biscan breaking it down at Melodica Aarhus hear his music:

Brett Winterford taking it outside Melodica Aarhus 2012

Brett Winterford taking it outdoors at Melodica Aarhus 2012 hear his music:

to check out more photos from Aarhus click here:

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SOME EXCITING NEWS! well… some more exciting news!! haha..

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Thanks for taking the ride of this musical journey with me! I love hearing your feedback, ideas and inspirations!! so drop me a line by email at if you feel so inclined.. or a simple tweet to get in touch at!/PritaGrealy you can also facebook friend me if you wanna see daily photos and snippets of where I am and what I’m up to!! and it would be SUPER – AWESOME of you to ‘LIKE’ my facebook music page

I have so much exciting things happening in my life and I’d love to share them with you! 🙂

ciao for now! Tchuuuuus (german for seeya-later sung in a high pitched voice)

x Prita