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Quelkhorn – Bergwerk

I had one of the loveliest gigs ever the other night in a tiny town called Quelkhorn.. at a venue called Bergwerk.. it really restored my faith in all things people and music… and showed me I am on the right path.. sometimes it can be a bumpy ride this thing called the music industry.. and being a solo singer songwriter on tour definitely has it’s ups and downs.. some venues are less than ideal.. sometimes people don’t show up after you’ve travelled for hours to get there.. other times you end up with dodgy accommodation or not much pay.. and you still have to make ends meet and promote your music to the world… other times you have luck with an adoring and appreciative audience.. a great stage and venue.. plenty of people and good pay and to top it all off a lovely place to stay where you can get some real rest and rejuvenate before the long trip home.. this was the view from the doorway.. I just love it.. reminded me of my old grandfathers’ house.. the winding pathway.. an overgrown garden and a rickety fence and 200 year old house with all the feel of the lives that have been lived there.. thankyou Quelkhorn..