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Pisa, Italy.. France.. Switzerland..

From the Mountains to you.. yo-del-le.. yo-de-le-he-heeee..

Ok, I’m not really yodelling, nor am I a yodeller.. but it just felt appropriate/inappropriate in even proportions to start the greeting like that today…

I’ve spent the last few months travelling to many different places playing my songs and meeting people from Scotland to England, Ireland, Italy, France.. Norway.. Germany.. and now Switzerland.. yep! I do get around .. as they say..

So, just a few updates for you – firstly a super cool opportunity I had to record on a narrowboat in Wales recently on tour.. you can watch the first of 3 music videos here: The Narrowboat Sessions (it’s already had 10,000 views which is pretty amazing.. actually 10,993 so we are almost at 11K views!! it would be awesome if you can click on the link and let me know what you think! xx and also share it with your friends! – thankyou!).

I got to hang out with my Buddies Jen Biddle + Gwen in lovely Scotland amonst the sheep and green fields, played a few shows and we recorded a song in the paddock just for fun which you can see here! ( a song from our mate Bruce).

I also recently recorded another music video with SOFAR SOUNDS in Pisa, Italy! well actually it was a small town outside of Pisa, called Pontedera!! we played in a fabulous garden concert style outside under the stars and I had the pleasure of trying to speak some italian ( I memorized a couple of phrases.. with the help of locals backstage..;P) and had one of the organizers translating my stories between songs – which was super fun and hilarious.. I don’t know HOW.. but sometimes I DO understand some other languages even if I haven’t learnt them yet.. so I caught him out saying something pretty funny at the start.. and he was kind of gob-smacked that I understood him… and it was a great way to break the ice!! The other fab musicians on the night were a local Italian 3 piece band called ‘Scarlett’ with a super R+B/folk feel, and a Spanish Loop Singer-Songwriter Bandita Perdia.

(more on this soon when I get the video link for you!)


One of my favourite moments was after the concert – when almost EVERYONE went for GELATO at like.. 11pm at night.. it was so funny.. instead of drinks and bars it was about 35 or so people hanging out in the steets of Pontedera laughing, talking and eating our dripping Gelato!! I tried a new flavour – ‘pine nut’ and ‘dark choc cherry’ which was deliciozo..


the other highlights of PISA was lunch at NONNA’s house, where I got the understanding of how many course make a lunch, and how its the way there to sit and enjoy food and talk for hours.. and jamming with one my new friends in his living room before rushing to get to the airport in time!!

I was also recently in Plombier-Les-Bains, France to play in a Festival. It was such a lovely weekend meeting the locals and hanging out with my new FRENCH family – Phil + Emmanuelle and all their friends.. I even started trying to speak some french which was super fun, and I’d love to learn more!! Je suis Australiene.. Je ma’pelle Prita, La lumiere.. la lal laaa..

french family

apart from the Cheese and Croissants.. and great time with friends, I also had a sing in the local therma to check out the acoustics and played some impromtude songs on the front porch on a Sunday watching people wander past.. and later that day I got to meet some more Aussies on tour ‘Caravana Sun’ and hear that lovely Aussie Accent again.. like music to my ears 🙂 and a lovely bunch of guys.

I am so thankful to all the people that hosted me and fed me during my tours and always love meeting new people and exploring the places I get to play…

thanks for being part of the musical journey!

x Prita

ps. there’s a few more German gigs coming up if you’re in the area and want to check out some shows check the gig listing below or head to