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‘out of the tree of life, I just picked me a plum’…


‘Out of the tree of life, 
I just picked me a plum, 
you came along and everything’s starting to hum.
Still it’s a real good bet,
The best is yet to come!’
-Frank Sinatra 
Little known fact about me… I auditioned twice for 2 different Jazz Conservatorium’s… (jazz school) At some point I wanted to be a Jazz Singer.. so I trained with songs like this ( I love Frank Sinatra), Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf, numbers like ‘Stormy Weather’… ‘Black Coffee’ … and other jazz standards… 
I didn’t get in either time. And I was Devastated… so sad… I cried my heart out.. I thought all my chances of being a singer were dashed to the rocks… I thought if I can’t learn at Uni how to be a jazz singer what am I going to do with my life?? My confidence was shattered and my self- esteem battered. I thought that was the only way forward. ( just so you know it isn’t the only way, there’s never only 1 way… look around for other doors & windows to open). 
I was in bands as a background singer for many years. It was great training. Harmonies are my bag. You probably know that already ( which is why I love using the loop pedal – because I can do my own Harmonies on the fly)… 
Eventually I got the confidence to start playing at open mic nights in my home town Perth again ( after being in every talent quest, choir, drama and dance performance I could in Bega High school)….
It took a lot for me to get back on that stage after being rejected. Rejection sucks bats. ( just so you know you’re not the only person to ever be rejected – we all go through it st different stages- and it always hurts – we just learn how to deal with it )…
I put one foot in front of the other and made it back onto the singer Songwriter stage with a good friend Kymi at the time we shared a house in North Perth, and the stage was an open mic at the @leedervillehotel we got invited to sing on the steps of a movie premiere at the @thelunacinema #leederville and so things started unfolding because I was brave enough to take that first step. I then met, at open mic night, my boyfriend who was also a singer songwriter and amazing performer, we were together 6 years and he taught me so much….