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Oh the Places we shall go!

Hey Loves!

So nice of you to join me yet again! 🙂

I’ve been really busy touring over the last couple of months and finally have a breather to catch up and write to you! I also had a lovely friend Chichi from Kanso Creative, re-do, upgrade and make my website totally amazing.. I am a little bit excited.. can you tell!? and it has photos by the wonderful Glenn Stephenson. (he’s based in Melbourne and Perth if you ever need an amazing photo guy).

the new website is here…


I’ve also had the lovely Elke James join my team to help with booking and PR, she is truly fab and had already got me playing in DENMARK next year!! whoohoo!! aswell as lining up some radio interviews and such – including the one this thursday 7th May in Berlin – you can listen in here this Thursday from 4pm –

There’s quite a lot on the drawing board for this year coming up – including playing in St Moritz, Switzerland (which I think will be very cool! mountains to explore and singing every night in a ski-bar – minus the snow! so it will probably be just all warm and lovely with heaps of sunshine!!! that’s what I’m hoping anyway!! cue ‘the hills are alive… with the sound of music… tra lal a laaaa ‘ ).


Next I will be heading ‘over the pond’ as they say, to catch up with my UK peeps and do some lovely concerts around the traps – here’s the quick run-down of the next month or so!

Prita’s On Tour!

Thur May 7 4:00pm Szenesoundsradio Interview Berlin,DE
Thur May 21 CONTRA’N Mannheim,DE
Mon June 1-15 Stübli Bar, St Moritz,SW
Thur Jun 18 The Beehive, Swindon, UK
Sun Jun 21 Surya, London, UK
Wed Jun 24 The Vic Hotel, Beeston, UK
Thu Jun 25 JD’s Lounge, Dronfield, UK
Fri Jun 26 The Boat Inn, Matlock, UK
Sat Jun 27 2:00pm Exile Music Festival Darley Dale, UK

You can also BUY TICKETS for the LONDON show!!! whooohoo that’s pretty cool too.. right here for only a fiver!,+London

and join in the facebook event for the SURYA LONDON show here


So, where was I ?? Oh yes! the places we shall go… So then I might be off to Spain for a few shows.. just quietly.. but I will let you know if and when that’s happening.. then a quick jaunt over to CUBA.. OMG yes I am very excited about that – I will be meeting my BoyFriend’s family and friends and also playing a concert!!! And soaking up the sunshine, music and good times!

THEN.. when we get back I have a few more GERMAN Shows! (more to be announced soon) a NORWEGIAN troubadour Festival in late August (can’t wait – I’ve never been to Norway!!) and then I’ll be returning to my lovely FRANCE AND BELGIUM in September! for some shows!! and to eat all the croissants!!! and cheeeeese …

So that’s probably enough for now? yeah? or do you want more??


Well, I can tell you a little story about the last month of April! .. Once upon a time.. An Aussie Singer Songwriter was on tour in Germany.. following her dreams.. when she landed in a Castle (Schloss) on a hill (burg) in a little town (ort) called Weilburg.. She wanderered around the gardens (gartens) explored the old castle (schloss) and made a wish or 3 in the magic wishing fountain (actually it was just a fountain but it looked pretty magic so I decided to throw money in and make wishes.. as you do)..


SHe played in towns far and wide across Germany (Deutschland) and made friends along the way, ate cake, drank red wine after the shows and was treated wonderfully everywhere she went.. including by the magic fairy breakfast (frühstuck) lady (Hanna) in Hattersheim who always seems to provide a feast in a bag (tute) for me to take back and enjoy the next morning! (she is an angel)


Hanna the Frühstuck Fairy


Brekky in a bag

There were shows that were so wonderful, filled with clapping loving people who came along for the musical ride… places like Solingen (where you could here a pin drop at moments and roaring laughter as everyone did ‘jazz hands’ all together)


and Hameln (the magic pied piper place, where the stage was in front of the most amazing river vista with so many lovely people singing along inside and out! ), Hattersheim (where the breakfast fairy lives -and such wonderful hosts), Weilburg ( in a tiny but fantastical place – with a castle and a river – and enough gaffa tape to last a long time..just ask Angie’s Mum! ;), and as far north as Neuharlingersiel (where you just have to walk on the promenade and eat fisch brötchen – its in the rule book).


Kiel (where she got to stay in a magic home-away-from-home where she could have stayed forever – it was THAT nice!!) Jesteburg (where flowers grew everywhere! and people had to leave early to milk the goats), Lübeck (where mysterieous glasses of wine appear in front of you), and Hamburg – Bergedorf (which was a truly sensational evening – and I (I mean she) – was given the gift of a Nutella Jar with her NAME printed on it!! – gods of chocolate were listening that night).


So the Moral of the story, travel, enjoy the good things in life, eat more cake, drink red wine and be merry and above all make wishes in magic fountains!!

Til’ Next time!!… adious, arrevoire, tchuuuus, ciao, bye bye!

xx Prita ( the girl in the story )