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New E-books ‘How to Get a Gig’ and ‘Get your Music Biz Shiz Together’

So exciting! I’ve now created 2 e-books for people wanting to learn more about the Music Biz side of being a singer-songwriter or muso’ in this industry!

One is specifically about ‘How to Get a Gig’ including step-by-step instructions, an email template you can use to get your own gigs, a checklist to make sure you have all you need, and a facebook group to join other like minded souls and get your Q&A’s

The other is how to ‘Get your Music Biz Shiz’ together for people just starting out in the industry that want the road map to successfully having your shiz together and being proffessional!

You can download both of them here for the price of your favourite pint of beer! or a Soy-Long Macc.. only $5

front page how to get a gig

cover page music biz shiz !!