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Crowd Funding for my New Global Album and Great prizes for you!

Hey Friends!

It’s finally here the crowdfunder for my new album!! and I”m really excited can you tell?? I will be heading to Norway next month to continue creating the new album!! and you can be a part of it by supporting my indigogo campaign and getting great prizes like.. me singing down the phone to you.. a house concert.. a new jingle for you biz.. and lots of other fun stuff!!

You can check it out here:

Prita's Amazing 7th Album Indigogo Project!
(photo by Glenn Stephenson)

I was recently in Cuba (as most of you know 🙂 and was lucky enough to meet some really amazing musicians and troubadours who I got to share the stage with and collaborate with some songs in the Studio too!! So 3 songs were recorded in this great little studio where you could hear roosters crowing in the background and we had to turn off the air-conditioning to record, then back on to not die of heat exhaustion. It was real, it was sweaty and it was amazing to work with such talented people when we barely spoke the same language.


(my friend Iraida Williams in Las Tunas, Cuba)

The next part of the album started after I was venturing up in the lands of Norway at a troubadour festival in Rjukan where I met a bunch of fabulous friends and brilliant musicians. After a weekend saturated with fantastic singer songwriter music, all of us jumping on stage with each other to add harmonies, and guitar leads, and a lot of spontaneous jamming. We headed back to Oslo where we ended up recording late at night after anther project was finished up. It was a simple question ‘do you want to record one of your songs?’ and I was like ‘of course, absolutely, hand me the microphone’.. and that was the beginning of a great night of spontaneous recording with these excellent guitarists, singers, bass players, drummers.. it was just one of those really brilliant moments when it all comes together perfectly and we created a bit of magic! Everyone agreed after that track that we needed to do the whole album there.. and so the project was decided and dates set.. and now I’m launching the indigogo project to support the funding with YOUR help!

(photo by Terje Prestarhus, Rjukan Troubadour Festival, Norway)

Great things that you can get include -the brand new CD posted to you!!! downloads, tote bags, special house concerts, and even a WILD CARD where you can choose what you like!!! raaaaa!!!!

THIS is the LINK to check out the project and pre-order the new album!! so exciting I know..

You can check it out here:

Thankyou so much for being a part of my musical journey! I hope you love the prizes and feel free to share ideas and suggestions if you’d like to add something to the project!!

Many Many Thanks! xx Prita

PS. I’m going to be doing a live RADIO INTERVIEW tomorrow .. well actually later today (its’ 2am on the 22nd of OCtober.. I love numbers like that..) so anyway.. later TODAY at a more waking hour like 4pm Berlin Time I will be doing an interview and playing live!!! My lovely friend Sharon is going to be translating for me 🙂 you can tune in online here..