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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

I hope your Xmas was filled with lots of love and joy and mostly PEACE… 

I spent a lovely time on Xmas eve in Norway with my boyfriend’s family, celebrating Norwegian style with songs, and games and lots of yummy Norsk food!

The time in between Xmas and New Years is always a very reflective and quiet time for me, which is nice after such a busy year in 2017! It really was time for me to slow down a bit and smell the roses.. 

So now is time for planning out the next year which is always exciting & deciding what I want to leave behind and let go of. Making goals and plans and getting excited about what this next year will hold! Bring on 2018!

I want to thank everyone that’s been a part of my musical journey this year whether you came to a gig, bought a CD, downloaded some of my music, heard me on the radio, gave me a bed to sleep on, fed me, had a drink with me, or kept me company online or IRL … with much gratitude in my heart wish you all a beautiful restorative time, and all the good stuff for 2018!

best wishes x Prita