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LoveBomb time!

Hellooooo Lovelies!

It’s been a big adventurous 2 weeks away on tour and I have so many new stories to tell! wow France and Belgium were amazing! And I was lucky enough to be joined at the end of the tour by my Love and have a weekend together in Paris!

We are now up to 12 days left to go on the Fairytale campaign and €2,977 Euro raised!! THANKYOU!! to everyone who has been sending the love and giving so generously! it is all much appreciated! That means that WE HAVE REACHED AND PASSED THE GOAL!! Woohoo!!

As with all fairy-tale stories there have been a few new characters added in behind the scenes and a few ups-and-downs added into the mix to create an even more exciting and read-worthy story.. I will be sharing more about that soon!!

But for now I would love to ask you if you have a TWITTER account – it would be really helpful to give a little energetic push out into the Universe showing your support for me to be singing in Australia 2014

LOVEBOMB time!!!

Something like :

‘I can’t wait to see @PritaGrealy singing live in Australia 2014! ‘

‘I support @PritaGrealy being in Australia 2014!’

‘looking forward to @PritaGrealy in Sydney 2014 singing Live!’

‘I love @PritaGrealy ‘s Voice, I want to hear more!’

Or you can make up your own version be creative and add any of the below tags in

#AU @pritagrealy

WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN make this dream come true!!

THANKS Again! you guys have been truly amazing and I really feel the LOVE!! thankyou xxx and I can’t wait to sing for you all !! Let’s make this fairytale happen!!

x Prita