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last day to pre-order my new album… 2024 the Berlin Sessions..

Wishing everyone a safe peaceful Xmas and a happy new year 🎈

Today is the LAST day Of my new album crowdfunder

New Album 2024 



You can get some great things including:

A 2024 recipe calendar with my favourite recipes and quotes inside..

A music video dedicated to you or a loved one. ☝️✨❤️

My amazing 4 week ecourse ‘activate your voice’ for half price!! (Normally $111) only available today from indigogo then it dossapears back to normal price! (Which is still pretty amazing for a 4 week ecourse!) #just saying… 

You can also get a signed copy of my new album 2024 the berlin sessions with berlin producer KAISERBASE sent to you anywhere in the world!! 🌍 

Or a digital download of the album!! 💿 easy peasy… 


Simply click the link below 👇 and see what tickles your fancy ..

New Album 2024 



In other news… my very LAST show of the year 2024 ( weather permitting aka if there’s a cyclone they cancel which is fair enough I guess)

Sunday 24th Dec


BROOME 4-7pm

I have a brand new single coming out 1st if Jan 2024 ‘BREATHE’ which I wrote on my grandmothers piano then jumped into the studio with Kav Temperley ( Eskimo joe) and re-wrote some parts and recorded!! 

You can pre-save it here so it drops straight into your playlist on Spotify the day it releases!! 

I would like to extend my huge gratitude and thanks to ALL the amazing people in my life including but not limited to: 

MY AMAZING BOOKING AGENTS, their teams & my amazing VENUES OWNERS WHO SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC 🎶@jamiemercantislimjim & Heather!! @championmusicwa @onedropbandbookings  @cobygrantmusic @frankbrevik @hjornetbar @fjellstad.kristian @mandys_lounge @zimmer16pankow @arnoise0606 @lorenzolosvizzero   @shapkobarnice @annideon @bethtemperley 

My awesome PHOTOGRAPHERS @glenn_stephenson_photographer 🙏✨❤️Thankyou for all your amazing images and support over the years ✨🙏I love your images and your ethos in life – Thankyou for being my friend & being on this journey with me.. 

My awesome VIDEOGRAPHERS ( new music videos coming soon) 🔜 Daniel de Stefano & Ronja Sakata!! ❤️

…and to EVERYONE THAT HAS COME TO A SHOW, booked me to play a concert, bought a CD, listened to me on SPOTIFY or iTunes, watched me on YOUTUBE.. emailed me back when I’ve sent a newsletter out into the ethers, and messaged me with love and support this year… it all helps and it all makes a difference to an independent artist like me – THANKYOU 🙏✨❤️

Yearly review.. 2023

It’s been a BIG year 2023 brought many lessons, many ups and downs & in between, and I’m grateful for all of the learning & growth…

I loved and lost, I grew stronger and more committed in my Muay Thai practice and finally went for my 1st grading and passed with flying colours ✨🥰I love my Muay Thai community they have lifted me up when I was down, they have kept me company when I felt alone, and they pulled me out of whatever funk I was in last year and made me a better person and for that I am infinitely grateful. Especially shoutout to all the coaches at Pursuit Muay Thai and our very own Matty Diesel, you don’t know how much you change peoples lives by the way you show up with loving kindness, enthusiasm and let’s go get it attitude every day. Thankyou Matt 🙏✨

I also returned to my love my Europe !! I did my first 3 month tour after being home in Australia for 3.5 years… it was well and truly time to return and I was partly excited partly anxious before I left to see if people still remembered me and my music or if everything was really lost as I originally thought when I came home in 2020 just before the covid hit and shut the world down… 

To my relief and immense gratitude 🙏 everyone remembered me, nothing was lost and quite the opposite- I was celebrated, welcomed home, loved, and given so many new opportunities to grow my career even more in 2024… I made new amazing contacts, got plenty of offers for new gigs and felt so topped up in my ‘well’ ( if you know the artists way book you know what I mean) .. 

I came home from the most amazing reconnecting tour of europe where I hung out with my european besties, met their babies, went out dancing all night, sat around kitchen tables in the wee hours chatting and drinking, and basically loving my best life.. 

Coming back to oz I felt full again like my soul was happy and I can now move forward with my life sure if who I am and what I do – music, healing, travelling, learning languages, cooking things I’m inspired by, intuitive guidance and coaching, and just loving people in general.. 


As we move into 2024 I am going to be integrate lots of learnings into my new 🆕 adventures… 


There will be more > 🙏✨❤️

✨SOUND HEALING MEDITATION 🧘‍♀️ sessions, workshops and RETREATS! As we grown the Friday morning small circle of women healers into weekend 3 hour workshops & long weekend healing retreats … more to come.. stay tuned… 

✨LIGHTBRINGER HEALING SESSIONS ✨ 🙏 @joannahuntercom ❤️🥰✨🙏🙌

✨🎵 EUROPEAN TOURS 2024✨✈️🎶🎤🎸visiting my favourite places and friends and performing all over the place. 

✨SHOWS in AUSTRALIA including possibly some EAST COAST gigs… (and family visits – hello dad!) ❤️🙏✨🎵

✨A BRAND NEW SINGLE ON THE 1st of January 2024 ‘Breathe’ will be available on my Spotify ‘Prita’ and iTunes, Amazon etc… 

✨MUSIC VIDEO made in switzerland 🇨🇭 with my gorgoeus friend @joyismycompass 

✨NEW ALBUM 💿 2024 THE BERLIN SESSIONS with my friend and producer #KAISERBASE 

✨BERLIN MUSIC VIDEO made by the most talented @danieldestefano Berlin based videographer.. filmed at Nollendorfplatz 

✨more super fun 🤩 shows with the @Kavtemperley BAND !! (I sing backing vocals and play ELECTRIC GUITAR in his band – so fun!! ) 

and more… stay tuned…

New Album 2024 



Sending prayers for peace and ceasefire in  Palestine  ✨🙏✨

Thanks for being here x P