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Kos Island and Turkey!

Hello! Here’s my latest adventure update.. I spent last week playing music on kos island, catching up with my friends Kristian Fjellstad, Tine, Fergus & Anita.. and Celebrating my Aunty’s birthday in Turkey! We met a lot of great people that work on the island who were very welcoming.. We stayed at a great little flat right across from the beach.. Basic but so handy and fun! It felt like we were camping in a beach cottage..getting up each morning for a swim across the road.. Nice!!

We decided one day that we needed a massage so we found a place and booked it.. Thinking we might walk the 45mins to get there.. Luckily we ended up hiring a couple of deadly treadlys (bicycles) and riding there!! As it took almost an hour to ride in the hot sun!! When we got there we cracked up.. Arriving all hot and sweaty on our bikes to a 5 star luxury resort for our massages..infinity pools, luxurious throne looking couches.. Lots of marble.. Marble.. More marble.. Needless to say we enjoyed our day and after the massage got back on our bikes for the ride back to town!! Had a gorgeous dinner just Over the road from the ocean view for the start of birthday celebrations.. I played a gig that night at the Irish bar -’ shenanigans’ followed by an impromtude karaoke session and lots of laughs!! Celine Dion eat your heart out!!! I did a duet with one of the guys from the bar ‘I had the time of my life’ complete with actions… Hilarious.. That was the real start of celebrating my aunty’s birthday!! She did abba with a lovely Swedish lady we met.. And the theme song from titanic amongst others!! We stumbled home in the wee hours and decided to set our alarm to get up and catch a boat in the morning.. Peeling ourselves off our beds at 8:30 am the next day we looked at each other to see if we could get up..?!! Yes!! We ran down to the port and found a boat to turkey! And got there just in time to go to bodrum..
We loved our day in turkey.. Lots of laughs at the hamam Turkish baths.. Getting soaped up, scrubbed and slapped before a massage and facial of sorts..after spending most of the day there we headed back to town and found a cute restaurant for a quick birthday lunch!! We had a yummy mixed tasting plate of dips and little yummy things that we mostly pointed at to explain what we wanted..asking for the bill in broken Turkish.. And being given cold watermelon before the bill.. We pretended to devour the melon only to be in fits of laughter yet again!! Couldn’t speak.. Then the guy came with the bill and was like..’ is everything ok?!’ between sobs and muffled laughter we
Managed to say yes… before literally running to the ferry to catch it back to kos!!(via a 10 second tacky treasure shop) then back to kos!! I had the pleasure of playing in between kristians’ sets at the ‘hamam bar’ on bar St in kos..every other night.. He really is the human jukebox!! Great artist check him out here I had a couple of young scandinavian boys join me onstage as backing dancers one night.. They were hilarious and actually really good at keeping time clapping and coming up with crazy co ordinated dance moves!! Someone sent me a great photo of them.. Will try and post it here!! Otherwise check my facebook page
all in all it was a great week of swimming and sunning and singing on kos!! And I’ll be back in August to do it all again!

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Thursday 6th Oct
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Friday 14th Oct
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Scarborough, The Indi Bar
Wednesday 19th Oct
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Then I’ll be heading back to Europe! With my next UK tour starting 23rd November 2011..
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hope you enjoy the journey with me!!

X Prita!