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I’m so proud of this little girl…

I’m so proud of this little girl and all she’s accomplished & achieved over the years. 

Travelling the world, writing and playing her songs to people everywhere, making friends and connections with her heart ❤️… Adventures, Fun, and Joy being part of her every day.. 

Apparently it all started when she (I) used to go to her Nan’s work at the real estate agent in Freo and she ( I ) would sing to all the people in the office.. and they would give her ( me) money 💰 … 

I think something must have clicked for me then that I could make a living and earn money 💰 making music and doing what I love ❤️ .. 

I am grateful and lucky and blessed that I lived  this life now and all the years of hard work payed off.. despite some people saying I wasn’t a ‘real musician’, or that you ‘have to study’ to get a degree to do the thing, or that it’s too late to start now… or that you should always have a plan B or something to fall back on… 

Well I have many careers or ‘past lives’ as I like to call them to fall back on if I ever needed to… but I think I’m doing allright… 

( massage therapist, retail therapist – I mean shop keeper, cafe manager, barista, waitress, yacht stewardess / chief stewardess 👩‍✈️, kids music lesson’s – singing & guitar 🎸- booking agent, childcare teacher / carer… intuitive coach & card reader , sound healing fascilitator ..) ✨🙏😂

I’m sure I’ve  forgotten some .. but that’s not the point.. ) the point is that even though I did all these other things.. music was always in my heart ❤️ .. I always did it on the side of everything else until one day I had the courage to chuck it all in, jump in the deep end and become a full time musician 👩‍🎤… it’s never too late.. ( just in case someone needs to hear this today)… 

Maybe I’m a late bloomer 🌸

And for anyone else that needs to celebrate their inner child today leave a comment below 👇 tell me what your proud of ✨❤️🧚🏼‍♀️


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PS. I think I cut my own bangs in this photo 😂😂✨✨