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If you’re looking for me… on the web.. you can find me here..

So many wonderful place you can find me on the interwebs these days… including but not limited to…

Good ol’ Spotify! if you’re a streamers type – go wack in the link and stream away! ( and don’t forget to add/subscribe/follow!)

You can also DOWNLOAD at a variety of places including itunes, amazon, cdbaby.. and a few other crazy sites I’ve never heard of.. but you get the gist..

simply clickety click through here.. 


or here.. 

Amazon Jungle.. 

or the cdbaby you know you want to..


And if you’re from the old school’ and prefer your music solid in cases with pictures and cool words that you can read over a cuppa and admire the pretty artwork.. well then you can buy an actual real physical copy cd album from cdbaby  or amazon onian …

OR.. at a REAL LIVE SHOW! whooohoo@@ you can check out my tour dates and find out where to catch me here – 

and we can have a chat, and maybe a nice wee whiskey.. (Scottish Single Malt please .. straight up, no nothing.. ) 

so, there you go! plenty of places to find me.. 

OH! and of course there’s the facebook, the instagram, youtube and the like.. 

you know where to find me 

x p