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‘Ich habe keine Banane hunger Papa!!’

These were the entertaining words of a 5 year old on the train from Hattersheim to Frankfurt…

Picture a father and child – the father is trying to get the kid to eat some banana – the kid in very clear German with arms waving all over the place to re-enforce his point says ‘ I don’t have any banana hunger papa!!’ – ‘ich habe schon gegessen’ (I’ve already eaten) etc… it was a moment that made me smile – watching the dad negotiate his way with his son – and finally the two of them sharing the banana… sweet..

These are the magic moments that string together travel stories…

On that weekend I was also in ‘Marstall’ Meiningen returning to play in a town I’ve been a couple of times – my friend Kristin took me out for a Vegan Feast at a new restaurant in town – and we had a set menu which included a plate of ‘wild leaves’ – since then every time I see I ‘wild leaf’ I think oh we could totally eat that!!

I played in ‘Maschinchen Buntes’ Witten and had the pleasure of sharing a stage with Scottish musician Gus Munro who is a killer blues slide player. One of my best buddies Chamime came to catch up and we got to share stories and pane au chocolat.. and got to catch up with some awesome fans that travel far and wide to join me!

In ‘Zur Krone’ Hattersheim I had a wonderful evening with fans who came all the way from Fehmarn!! (not really but that was the last time we’d seen each other 🙂 and I was given a beautiful take-home pack of wrapped treats for brekky by the angel behind the bar 🙂 ( totally being looked after by everyone there! 🙂

I also took a couple of hours in the avo to just sit and soak in the feel of the town – I had a lovely table outside at an ‘eis-cafe’ (icecream cafe) and had a coffee and watched the people come and go. There was a table of 60+ something ladies celebrating a birthday with champagne and lots of laughter, a whole soccer team of 10 year olds rowdy and running to get an icecream, and lots of parents with kids on bikes stopping for a refreshment..

Großkarlbach was a lovely venue too with a very creative vibe and friendly owners of “Franks’ Bodega’ set amongst the winery’s of the Pfaltz region – awesome wine!! I was hosted by the lovely Rayen & Heiko and given the tour of the medieval town nearby 🙂 I got to catch up with another awesome buddy my old house mate from Berlin!! Julia!! 🙂