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I was sitting in my bedroom watching the sun set..


I was sitting in my bedroom looking out at the setting sun.. as my friend Glenn Stephenson snapped away and captured this moment.. it was just before I was heading back to Berlin for the last time (for now) I had just been through some major surgery as I had lost a baby I didn’t even know I was carrying until days before.. I pretended that I was fine. I had to to get on with it and get the photo shoot done.. I couldn’t let me true feelings come out because then I would have just been a puddle on the ground.. I would have not moved.. I would have sinked slowly into the earth as it swallowed me whole.. I would have told no-one except that I needed to tell the closest people at that time.. It was the most personal thing that has ever happened to me and the most heart-breaking.. and let me tell you.. I have had my heart broken a few times.. I’m good at that.. pfffft…

Of course I wrote a song about it and laid it bare for all to hear what I had been through.. the recording although professional was totally raw.. and as soon as I laid down the vocal track, Jaimi said do you need to take a break mate? and I ran to the toilets and cried, sobbed… feeling the heartbreak all over again.. Miscarriage is one of the things we don’t really talk about much as a society.. I don’t know why.. the shame? the sadness? the absolute grief? .. it feels so private yet so many women and men have been through the trauma and grief of losing a child… its like nothing else.. and the more I told my story the more others told theirs.. I have only played this song a handful of times at the most intimate concerts.. its not a song to be banded about.. its a very personal, very real, look deep into my heart and my her story.. I haven’t even released it yet anywhere except on the physical album.. so if you have that you are lucky.. (the album ‘hope’ my last release).. Click the link below to hear the song..

’11 Weeks’ I don’t even know why I’m sharing this with you today, but I am.. and I always trust that the timing is right for the right people to hear the music and the stories I share.. from my heart to yours. Prita x PS. if you want to see me at a gig I’m playing tonight at ‘LOCAL HEROES’ in South Freo at the Local Hotel with BOB GORDON show starts 8pm… There’s also more shows coming up in Albany and Freo.. check my gig list for details