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I have a confession to make…


I have a confession to make.. I’ve been hiding away a bit this past year…

coming home to Australia was tough for me after spending more than 8 years living in Berlin and 12 + years touring Europe & the world..

it was a bit of a slap in the face to come home to live a semi-normal life

As Most of you know I’ve been doing this singing performing thing for a while now and its been my sole bread and butter as well as my SOUL bread and butter since I decided to give it my all 12 years ago and go full – time as an independent musician.

Amazingly I actually made a good living out of it and managed to support myself for a long time. I travelled all over the world and more intensively all over Europe touring small towns and big cities, playing festivals in the UK, France, Germany, Norway, Australia, house concerts all over, pubs wherever a pint was pulled, outdoor events, weddings on beaches, Irish bars in Greece + Copenhagen, arthouse clubs in Estonia Tartu and Tallinn where I also recorded a live album you can find here.. if you dig through the archives..

Prita Lounge b+w 2019 Glenn Stephenson

(photo by Glenn Stephenson)

To come home to Australia not being the great ‘success’ I thought I was supposed to be, I had to prove to everyone but especially myself that I was somebody and something.. it was kind of devastating.. I cried a lot.. I didn’t turn up, I hid myself away and buried myself with work. other work. being a manager of a busy cafe work.. I pushed music aside and said to myself enough, focus on what’s in front of you. do this for now. think about music again later.. later became much later.. although I never forgot about it I just PUSHED it down so that I wouldn’t feel so sad. Giving up on music was never the plan. being a success at music was!

What I’ve since realised after much soul searching is that success is however you define it. What is success to you? are you Kylie Minogue famous? or Ed Sheeran Famous? or are you Missy Higgins Famous or Briggs Famous? Are you nothing if you’re not that famous?? or is that just expecting way too much from one person to achieve solo?

I’ve recently been given the homework by a very dear friend and healer of mine to WRITE DOWN all of my music achievements starting with when I first picked up a guitar (from what I remember age 3.. ok so its going to be a long list.. ).. I’ve been coming back to that list for days now.. leaving it when I’ve written enough for now.. then returning when I felt called to… I’ve sat in cafes and written, I’ve sat in my hotel room and jotted down a few notes, at breakfast I would remember things and run back to my room to record it before I forgot again..

Turns out I’ve done quite a lot of MUSIC things. and also other things.. I’ve had a pretty adventurous and full life already.. maybe success needs to be redefined.. maybe it should be valued differently?

What do you thinK?

Greetings from ‘down-under’ Oz..

South West Denmark.. (not the country, the other one)

x Prita

PS. I ALMOST FORGOT TO TELL YOU! I’ve got some gigs coming up with TOBY BEARD and her fabulous band in:

17/06/2021 6′ Six Degrees, Albany
16/07/2021 The River, Margaret River
20/08/2021 Clancy’s Fish Pub, Freo’ Fremantle

Prita 2019 front verandah B+W Glenn Stephenson

I also have a new single coming out Friday 18th JUNE ‘This Bird’ will be available on SPOTIFY and all good streaming & downloading services… please add me onto your Spotify playlists and share the love!

More about that later.. but for now you can preview it here:

the artwork is amazing and bright and colourful and expresses the song perfectly creatively.. by my good friend Natalia Fidykia you can find her on instagram here (she also sells amazing prints of her work) check her out!