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Home sweet Home..

Well I’ve been back in WA for about 5 or 6 days now.. I arrived to the cool weather of Perth on the 6th of September and left the next morning for the warmer weather of Broome and some quality time with my family.. lots of photos.. short videos.. mostly by my new film makers in the making.. Taj (3yrs old) and Keegan (7yrs old) ..hilarious.. we rode camels on the beach for my Birthday and had a delicious lunch at Zanders on Cable beach in Broome.. Seafood galore!! I was spoilt in the most wonderful ways by my family.. taken out for lunches and dinners.. coffees.. spending time playing with the kids.. my gorgeous nephews and getting pampered with my sister and my mum! at kiva! very nice!.. I love Broome, it’s laid back feel and it was such a nice way to come home to the relaxed pace and the beautiful landscape of our north west.. I soaked in the blue blue skies, the turquise waters, the white sand and the red earth.. such vivid colours.. and amazing boab and mango trees.. and now I’m back in Perth ready to catch up with all my friends and family here.. and do some awesome shows with my BAnd!! I’ll be finishing off the final touches of my EP in the next few days.. then sending it off to print! very exciting!! off to the doc tomorrow to try and find a cure for this persistent cold.. and then I’ll be good as gold’ 🙂 x p