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‘Hi hi’ & happy Easter from Norway!

Hello or ‘hi hi’ as they say here in Norsk!!

Today I’m writing from sunny Norway, on tour at the moment in a small cute waterside town called Tonsberg! I went for a lovely run today up to the top of the hill with a castle fort type thingy on it… last time I was here I saw buddhist monks up there! but not today.. although I did see some very interesting and cool sites! and the view from up there was amazing.. and the run.. god it made me feel good.. after having a very sleepy after 1st night on tour day running was the perfect anti-dote!!

You can see more pics here join me on instagram

mind you … I did have to peel myself off the bed to get out and about today… sometimes all you want to do is sleep all day when you play all night!

Anyway!! off to play another show tonight in Tonsberg at an Irish Pub called ‘Boondocks’ where I will most likely be again drinking a little Lagavulin… cheers to you! wherever you are spending this Easter long weekend!! or as they say here ‘Skoll’ ;).. it’s all part of the balance right?!?!

I will also be on tour for the next couple of weeks around Norway, Germany & Denmark! and would love to see you at a show if you are around any of these places:

13-16th April, Boondocks Hideout, Tonsberg NO
19th April, Ä, Berlin, DE
20th April, Saitenklänge Pfannenhof, Monheim am Rhein, DE
24th April, Cobra Kantine, Solingen, DE
26th April, Fliegerhorst, Hamm,DE
10-13th May, Nordlys Bar, Scandinavia Hotel, Alta, NO
19th May, Foed Forsamlingshus, Kulturhus, Kolind, DK
20th May, Kulturhus, Ebeltoft, DK

Wishing you a fabulous day/night/weekend wherever in the world you are right now, peace be with you.

x Prita

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