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News from the Road! European Tour 2011


I’m writing to you from a small table outside an Irish Pub in Athens, Greece (the James Joyce)… it’s hot and sunny outside with birds tweeting and a nice breeze blowing..a mixture of English and Greek being spoken all around me.. it’s been a busy few months with all the travelling and gigging around Europe and I have loved every minute of it!!!

Where to start….?? there’s so much to tell you!!

I’ve done a full circle starting in Athens early May, then Prague, Estonia, Berlin, the UK and now back to Athens… there have been so many adventures, so many great people I’ve met along the way.. the inevitable ups and downs that come with travelling – sometimes alone and sometimes with friends – I’ve written heaps of new songs which I am really happy with and have been gigging them straight away which has been very rare for me in the past – I’ve gotten braver and stronger as an artist, performer and person over these last couple of months.. as some of you know a lot has happened in my personal life too.. this always brings blessings in disguise.. some of them being transformation, getting to know myself better again being solo, lots of journalling and ultimately lots of new songs!!! so I have lots to be thankful for even though a lot of it hurt! growing pains!! lol.. and then there are the new beginnings!! 😉 some of the songs have even been recorded on a live interview I did in Totnes, a lovely green rainy town in the UK you can listen to the interview and songs here on soundcloud

I’m also re-designing my website which will be up and running and snazzy and awesome!! really soon!! I have some guys working on it now and I’ll let you know when it’s done! it will have loads more features including things that are easy for me to update myself!! l yay!! – stay tuned..

Athens was a great way to start my European Tour 2011! with familiar faces and places – I was here 2 years ago playing at these two Irish pubs in Monastiraki and Glyfada so it was great to see my old friends again and make heaps of new ones! with a really international crowd and lots of drunky nights.. I had a ball!! I love this city and all its ancient buildings and temples.. its a place where I feel like anything is possible.. the old and the new mixing in perfectly.. and the amazing weather and friendly people.. glorious islands!! I went for a day trip with some friends from the UK (R & L) to the island of Aegina – beautiful and then the island of Hydra by myself for a couple of days R&R after all my gigs and big nights@!! it was one of the most beautiful and relaxing places I’ve been – no cars just donkeys, cats, olive trees and a gorgeous marina tucked into the side of the hilly island..

Next was Prague, which is as beautiful as everyone says, gothic buildings, churches, rivers running through the old town.. I stayed for 3 nights in a youth hostel, met some great locals at a little bar across the road (they became my surrogate parents – a group of about 10 locals 50+ all wanting to look after me!! lol…) they came to my gig at Propaganda and took me out for coffee and drinks each day I was there.. lovely lovely people.. (Jane, Bobby, Vera.. ) I’ll be back…

Estonia was amazing yet again! I was also here 2 years ago on my first European tour – Ann and her friends were so hospitable and the gigs went off!! I love Estonian people they seem to have this enthusiasm for new things and art and music… each gig I played there – one in Tartu and one in Tallinn – the audiences went crazy with cheering and clapping.. really blew me away!! to get such a good response.. sold lots of CDs too which is always a bonus!! 🙂 one of the clubs I played at you have to have card to get in the door – and people wait years for the exclusive VIP card.. ..I was determined to get one.. lol.. so I worked my magic and got one!! yaya!! so anytime I go to Tallinn I can go to club Noku!! whoop whoop.. lol.. Ann and Hannah also took me to the island off Tallinn called ‘Hiiumaa’ it was a beautiful get-away, we stayed at Ann’s family holiday cottage amongst the birch trees, fields of grass, and tiny flowers – forget me nots and buttercups.. it was so relaxing.. and like camping.. in the forest.. but freezing!!! I was wearing every layer of clothing I could find.. meanwhile ann was in thongs.. and t-shirt.. !!

Berlin was great! Ich Lieber Berlin! Such a multi-cultural, funky, grungy, arty, yoga –ey city..easy to get around and friendly and safe! I stayed with a good muso’ friend of mine (Markus) in Neukoln in a great apartment on the 17th floor!! overlooking the city.. wow.. the weather was great while I was there and I had heaps of time to myself which was really nice.. a lot of the songwriting started here!! I also caught up with my aussie muso’ mates Coby Grant, and Jaimi Faulkner..we had a great time.. and it was so nice having familiar faces and the ‘sound’ of home.. good times.. one of the highlights was the outdoor karaoke in Maer Park on the Sunday Avo I was there.. I met Jaimi and a bunch of his berliner friends there.. and enjoyed and laughed at all the great and not so great singers taking the ‘stage’ a big natural amphitheater outdoors.. very entertaining afternoon.. with beer and sunshine and good company 🙂

The UK was next with 14 gigs all over England booked by the wonderful Roland from Connection Promotions. We had a ball travelling on tour together with so many storyies to tell.. or not tell .. (what goes on tour.. stays on tour!! ).. from Oxford to Bath, Macclesfield, Swindon, Broad Hinton, Derby, London, and much more!! Bags of Bhaji mix, cups of tea and winegums.. kept us going.. with the odd live ale/ cider/ wine/ mojito thrown in for good measure.. lets just say R & L have a nice new collection of tour glasses.. It was great to have a ‘home base’ in Northampton (thanks Lis) for the 3 weeks or so that I was there in between touring.. I got to do some fantastic gigs with the gorgeous and talented Coby Grant, check out her music here.. we are on similar musical adventures so it was great to connect with her and make a new great friend!! Roley and I visited some amazing magical places – Bath, Teighnmouth, the Rollwright Stones and Avebury Stone Circle!! I loved the old trees in Avebury.. really magical.. I sat with them and did a little prayer and meditation both times.. the second time Roland and I signed an agreement for Connection Promotions to be my UK booking agent and representative!! very exciting! and felt just right!! we have already discussed the next two tours for November and then early next year… which brings me to my big news!! that I am moving to Europe to continue my dream of being an authentic independent international musician.. I look forward to what the future brings!! and will be doing some big ‘Farewell’ shows in Perth and Fremantle in Sept- Oct before I head off again on my next BIG ADVENTURE!!!

xx hope you enjoy the journey… and thanks for all the support.. spreading the word, coming to gigs, buying cds.. it all helps me realise my dream so BIG THANKYOU!! I also hope to be releasing a live EP of my NEW SONGS while I’m home in the spring!

xx Prita