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Have you missed me?

Hey, I know it’s been a while.. I’ve been doing all kinds of new things since we last spent time on a page together..

Basically I had a whirlwind visit to Geneve’ (magical place) followed by Nice & Canne in the south of France.. as you do! I was lucky enough to spend a Loooong weekend with my awesome Bro Zak and his gorgeous family Fifi and JJ.. most gorgeous blue-eyed-baby-you’ve-ever-seen… (I know aunty is biased).. ps.. I may have posted ahem.. a few.. photos of him on instagram (@prita_grealy) or on facebook (

(my gorgeous nephew JJ)

apart from that I’ve started teaching!! YES you heard that right.. I am now “MISS PRITA” thankyou..

I’ve had the pleasure of giving one-on-one singing lessons with students at an international school in Berlin! Lots of fun. And.. I’ve also been teaching English (Australianische) to small groups of children in schools, kitas.. and the like.. it’s been eye-opening!

And then there’s been a bit of secret recording going on.. (don’t tell anyone yet) .. and some co-writing sessions.. and photoshoots.. just a normal month or so in the life of a muso’ 🙂

(a little bit of luxury in Antibes, afternoon glass of Rose’ with ‘happy hour’ olives and dips!)

If you HAVE MISSED ME.. you can usually find me pretty quickly on any of the social butterfly internet places we hang out.. you know.., instagram @prita_grealy, twitter @pritagrealy, youtube @pritagrealy mmm and probably a bizzalion other places..

We have also been totally consumed by the world cup in our house and had visitors from around the globe 🙂 tanti, 🙂 Miss K, cousins, uncles, aunties.. it’s all happening here! fire-crackers going off most nights..

AAAANDD.. it was my LOVE and I’s 2 YEAR anniversary! amazing huh! we decided we’d have a crack at 2 more.. 🙂 and celebrated with a late night tapas and wine treat..

(happy 2 year anniversary tapas)

thanks for joining me on this page, you totally-rock-right-now, in this moment.. better believe it!

x Prita

ps. if your ears are HUNGRY for some tasty tunes.. head over to itunes and grab a bite to eat 🙂