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Have you been to Lyrics Underground?

Happy New Year to you!

It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote you.. but not to worry! I have plenty of news and I’ll keep it brief.

My next BAND show “Prita and the Jazz Hands’ is coming up in a few weeks time at the fabulous Lyrics Underground in Maylands – Sunday 5th Feb – doors open at 5pm and there will be special guests including the lovely Maya Surjan (if you haven’t heard her singing yet you are in for a treat!! she sounds like an actual real angel). Of course my fabulous band will be creating the vibes with Arvis Del Vedado on Bass and double Bass, William Wallace on Drums and Jasper Lambert on Keys!! 

If you came to the last show at the Ellington you will know how much fun it was with al the guys getting involved with the whole “jazz hands’ thing (hehehe) if you weren’t there make sure you get to the next one!! buy tix here 

In other news I will be dropping the complete “HOPE” album online by the end of Jan 2023 – I will let you know when that happens so you can grab the digital version on itunes / spotify / bandcamp whichever platform you prefer.


There will be a new single drop in FEB also on the 5th of FEB to coincide with our BAND show!! 

graB YOUR TIX here if you didn’t already up there ;;; lol … 


sweet jzus there will be an AMAZING EUROPEAN TOUR happening in AUG – SEPT – OCT this year 2023!! I’ve already booked a bunch of shows with more to come… watch this space and if you want to host a HOUSE CONCERT or a show in your VENUE or know of any cool FESTIVALS I could be playing at please drop me an email and I’ll get back to you! 

thanks again for being part of my musical journey,

I hope this year brings you plenty to smile about,

x Prita