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Goddess Haven e-course coming soon!

I’ve just moved house.. and this really sung to me as I still have boxes and bags to unpack.. and reading a bit about Leonie’s experience with de-cluttering and how it affects your everyday life rang a few bells!

Especially this bit ‘Do some clearing to get clarity’

‘…there was the time I couldn’t make a business decision about buying a new microphone. I had one, but it annoyed me, and I kept harassing my sweetie to fix it for me. He kept telling me: Hon, you’re not listening right now. You need to get a new one.

But I couldn’t. I was so stuck in my mind about the whole idea of it, and was totally unable to make a decision about it. One afternoon, I decided I was really, really over being so confused and indecisive about it. I thought:

I really need to shift something to get some clarity. What can I do right now to bring it? And in front of me was our coffee table. It was overloaded with STUFF – my projects, notes, books, paints, things to do, tea mugs. No wonder I couldn’t see into my future to make a decision – I couldn’t even see my own coffee table!

And a little voice inside me said:

This. Just work on this for right now. This is your job. And I got all uppity and grumbly and “as if this will make a difference to my problem!” But I did it. I cleared. I sorted. I shuffled. I let go of. ‘ (from

THERE IS a new six-week adventure for when you’re wanting & needing & craving a space that is a true haven for your the Goddess in You! You’ll use space clearing techniques to make your space’s energy sparkle. You’ll learn how to divinely declutter. You’ll dive into inspired interior design. You’ll be empowered with all of the wisdom, tools & techniques you need to make your space feel & look amazing to you. And you’ll end up with a home that is a sanctuary just for you.

Click on the link below to read more!

Goddess Haven Space-Clearing E-Course

Goddess Haven e-course
Goddess Haven e-course

Goddess Haven Space-Clearing E-Course

p.s. I am happy to be an affiliate for Leonie Dawson because I love what she does and I love doing the courses she teaches!