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From a bed in a hospital in Alta

Dear Friends!

I’m sorry to say I am down for the count,
At least for a few weeks!

After Playing the 1st of 4 shows in Alta(far northern Norway) I came down with a sudden and mysterious ailment that left me holding on to tables and walls just to try and walk in a straight line. Dizziness to the point of the world spinning non-stop and vomiting & nausea.

It was not pretty and I was lucky enough to get help from two angels who passed by and arranged an ambulance to get me to hospital ASAP.

So for the last few days I’ve been on drips and drugs to calm the spinning. And hydrate my body as I couldn’t keep anything down.

I am now on the mend but have had to cancel the next few shows unfortunately as I don’t know if I can travel and how long this thing will last. The doctors have said rest, rest, rest…

So I’m taking it as a big sign from the universe to slow down and take
Stock of where I am, and calm down a bit more.

Please accept my apologies if you came to Alta or the upcoming denmark gigs in Ebeltoft and Kolind as I will have to reschedule to another time when I am back on my feet.

I hope to be all good by the time next month comes around and will continue my touring in Switzerland, and the U.K. In June. (Check website for dates

And will continue on for the rest of the year but being more conscious to take breaks and slow down between shows!

Lots of love to you wherever you are,

X Prita

And big Thankyou to all the well wishes I’ve received on Facebook and Instagram, the messages and phone calls. It’s so touching to know I have so many good people out there who care x It really means a lot to me, so Thankyou xx