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Faith Guitars, Cari Cole, Catch the Moon! and more..

Hey Peeps! 

Boy, have I got some news for you! 2018 is shaping up to be a great, exciting year!
Apart from a whole bunch of new gigs coming your way (Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, UK.. ) 
I am creating a new e-course designed to help up and coming singer songwriters find their true path and passion + learn all the biz tools they need to get going and get on track to making a living doing what they love! you can get on the wait list here or pass it on to anyone you think might be interested (that would be super thanks! I promise not to spam) Indie Music Biz Academy 
It will be super helpful to anyone just starting out in the music biz industry and wanting a ‘road-map’ how to get from A to B to C to… all the letters in the alphabet.. pass it on if you think it might just make the difference in someone’s life – to living their dream (it is all possible).
Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.26.55
In other news, I am currently somewhere near the North Pole or thereabouts… its a tiny town way way way waaaaay up north in NOrway called ‘Alta’ where its precisely -19′ degrees right now.. ‘holy sh*&” .. there is snow everywhere and even some large ice blocks just sitting out side.. waiting to be built into something – think ‘ice-bricks’ – there is also apparently an ice hotel somewhere near here – I saw one being built a few times ago when I was here before – why anyone would want to sleep in an ice bed / ice room / ice hotel beats me!!! but hey whatever does it for you 😛 haha!
(this was actually taken in Olso!! but how cute is that kid in the toboggan? I want one!! )
I’ve also been thinking a lot about how I want to share my mission which is to help people find their true voice and use it! , follow their dreams and passions, and get out of their own way ( insert song + dance break here Get out of your own way ) Which is why I’m starting to create things like e-courses which allows me to teach in a way that I can reach a lot of people.  My 1st e-course ‘Singing for Non-Singers’ has been really successful and I’m inviting you to join in if you feel so called! It gives you a series of videos, mp3′ downloads and pdf’s to teach you how to sing using all the methods I’ve learnt over the 39+ years I’ve been singing!! (yes I started at 0.. and yes this year is my BIG birthday!! remember 8th September everyone.. I might be in Nepal or somewhere doing a yoga + meditation retreat or on a mountain celebrating my big 40! and yes I’m not afraid to shout it from the rooftops I’m actually happy to be where I’m at, at this point of my life! so that’s something to celebrate!) I may also have a bottle of Lagavulin smuggled in my backpack..  1 for the road right?
Recently I WON 1st PRIZE in an amazing 6 Month MUSIC mentorship program with the lovely and industry respected and recognised CARI COLE, it starts soon and I can’t wait to see what comes out of the energy of being part of such an amazing mentorship program surrounded by other great artists. Together all moving forward towards our goals!
I also WON another part scholarship on the SAME DAY which is mind-blowing and awesome – to the ACCESS Music Synch and Licensing Course with Cathy Heller, Sonnet + Victoria from ‘Catch the Moon’ Music Licensing. 
And as I was waiting in the airport with my guy, ‘killing’ (actually just trying to make the most out of..) 5 hours between flights coming back from our amazing Malta Holiday!! I got yet another email from ‘FAITH GUITARS’ who have offered me an artist endorsement which means I get to choose an amazing hand made in the UK new baby guitar!! (they’ve also just happened to have won UK’s best acoustic guitar from 2012- 2016 winning every year!).. I am sooo looking forward to choosing my new baby!! whohoo!!
So, for now, love ya and leave ya, til we next meet. 
take care, keep warm / cool depending which hemisphere you’re in.. 
and remember to sing + dance like no-one’s watching!
x Prita 
 I’ll leave you with some pics from Malta – it was so sunny and lovely!! such an interesting place.. you should go sometime if you haven’t already!