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Europe Update & Pre-Order NEW ALBUM 2024

photo: Glenn Stephenson

Well.. it’s been an amazing 3 months of travelling & playing shows all around Europe… my heart is full with inspiration, experiences, satisfaction and the feeling of a good 3 months completed… 

Before I came back I was worried that maybe I had lost it all, or that the connections wouldn’t be there any more and I’d have to start from scratch again.. it may have been an irreverant thought or fear but it’s the complete opposite.. 

I have been shown and experienced time and time again just how loyal and beautiful these connections and friendships are and how they have stood the test of time and welcomed me back with open arms and BIG smiles!!

I also made so many beautiful new friendships and connections with musicians, fellow travellers, friends of friends, random people I met in cafes and trains, and new music lovers and venue bookers. I just feel so blessed, so grateful and so happy & content deep inside that everything I built over all those years was not lost, not gone, its all still there and even ‘bigger and better’ than it was before, should I say deeper and more meaningful than before.. I am living my purpose and loving it the joy it brings me and others.. 

On that note.. 

A fellow musician and I have been creating new music and we are excited to announce that there will be a NEW ALBUM coming in 2024 – you can pre-order it here:

Robert aka Berlin Producer Kaiserbase and I have created something unlike anything I’ve done before.. it has elements of soul, electronic, dance and jazz music.. it’s something that you just have to hear for yourself.. 

A wild swing away from my usual style of band or solo acoustic singer songwriter albums.. this has the BERLIN edge and creativity… that we managed to capture our love of creating new music together.. 

WE even made a MUSIC VIDEO to go with the album… it was shot at Nollendorf Platz in Berlin recently.. with Daniel De Stefano & Robert Kaiserbase, Daniel, a whole bunch of local Berliners of all shapes sizes and characters…  and myself!! I can’t wait to share it with you (but I have to hahaha) …

in the meantime.. you can check out the new pre-order album perks here:

thanks for your support,

see you at a gig soon!

x Prita