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EAting Snow.. creating E-books and touring all over the bloody place..

Hey There! How’s it going? I’m up in NORWAY at the moment spending some time in amongst the mountains and SNOW! you can watch a silly video of me playing in (and eating) the snow here 😉 Prita Playing in Snow prita snow gastoppen AND…. I’ve got some New E-books ‘How to Get a Gig’ and ‘Get your Music Biz Shiz Together’ So exciting! I’ve now created 2 e-books for people wanting to learn more about the Music Biz side of being a singer-songwriter or muso’ in this industry! I get asked all the time about booking gigs and what you need so I thought what better way to deliver all the answers than an E-book? its’ all here – all my advice for a super affordable price! One is specifically about ‘How to Get a Gig’ including step-by-step instructions, an email template you can use to get your own gigs, a checklist to make sure you have all you need, and a facebook group to join other like minded souls and get your Q&A’s The other is how to ‘Get your Music Biz Shiz’ together for people just starting out in the industry that want the road map to successfully having your shiz together and being professional! Including 10 pages of valuable info and checklists for you to get it happening! You can download both of them here for the price of your favourite pint of beer! or a Soy-Long Macc.. only $5 each! Maybe you know someone who needs this? feel free to pass it on! hoorahhh for sharing 🙂 cover page music biz shiz !! front page how to get a gig Apart from that I’m catching up with a few things and booking even more shows for this year! including another UK TOUR I have about 7 shows already lined up in late June and more to come! If you want to do something special and have your own HOUSE CONCERT I still have a couple of free dates for that too! just get in touch with me to sort details prita You can also check out all the tour dates here: gastoppen view snow The view of Gastoppen near Rjukan! Norway on a very sunny day! I’ll also be in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Norway, Denmark, France and Belgium over the next few months so check out the website for gigs near you! or if you have suggestions for venues you’d love to see me play at – drop me a message and let me know 🙂 thanks! Well that’s about it for now! love to hear from you if you’ve got any ideas or just want to say hello! cheers, Prita