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Download 59 Songs!!

Did you know that you can download 59 of my songs from itunes? Crazy huh!! There’s 6 Albums ‘Live in Estonia’, ‘Live in Düsseldorf’, ‘New Life’, ‘After the Storm EP’, ‘Prita EP’, and ‘Bootleg Live’ aswell as 1 Single ‘By Your Side’ dedicated to my sister’s wedding!

You can find them all here on this itunes page –

After the Storm EP – Recorded in Athens, Greece

Bootleg Live EP – Recorded in Perth, Western Australia

By Your Side – Single Recorded in Bordeaux, France

Live in Düsseldorf – Recorded in Düsseldorf, Germany

Live in Estonia – Recorded in Tartu, Estonia

New Life Album – Recorded with a full band in Perth, Western Australia

Prita EP – Recorded in Perth Western Australia with a full band