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I am sitting right now in our newly re-arranged office / creative space with a bunch of brightly coloured texta’s in a glass jar in front of me.. an A5 size notebook (my favourite size) and a whole bunch of inspiration! I’ve been going through the Leonie Dawson’s Biz Course for the 2nd time and it has really got all my creative juices flowing! lots of new ideas to share and things I want to offer! It’s a culmination of all my past efforts and learnings along the way and it’s a way I can give back and help others who want to sing or write a song or even book a tour!!

As I’m a creator of MUSIC – a SINGER – SONG-WRITER – and GUITARIST
I have 5 CD’s Online which you can either download as MP3’s or order as a physical CD sent to your mail box or as a gift to your amazing friends (*’Live in Estonia’ is available exclusively as mp3 download ) at

I also am offering something new!

Music for your business ideas or for your own personal development!

– I would love to create music for your video or packages

– I can also offer skype singing lessons or guitar lessons

– and if you are a singer-songwriter I can help you with business ideas / booking / bio writing for your own business!

– Or if you would love a song written for you, or your business as a ‘theme song’ I can also do that! working with your ideas or even your lyrics if you have something already written that you want put to music!

all you need to do is email me at and we can chat about your ideas!

Much love! Prita x