Prita Grealy

Macy’s chooses Five Star Neon Song featuring Prita for Summer Ad Campaign

From the books of LBB comes this great article about how my friend Anthony & I managed to grab this opportunity and work quickly to get it back to them in record time even though we were in completely different time zones! Real music saved the day for the retail giant in its latest […]

I’m so proud of this little girl…

I’m so proud of this little girl and all she’s accomplished & achieved over the years.  Travelling the world, writing and playing her songs to people everywhere, making friends and connections with her heart ❤️… Adventures, Fun, and Joy being part of her every day..  Apparently it all started when she (I) used to go to […]

When you feel the calling in your heart…

It’s been a magical time here in Broome this time.. something about it has grabbed my soul and planted me deep in the red earth, grounded me and whispered ‘Stay’ just a little longer.. maybe lot, maybe a LOT a LOT..  Every time I see that view of the brightest turquoise sea waters and hitting […]

Up in Smoke

Hello from a Sun-shiney-bird-singing kind of day in my home town Freo’…  I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my pre-save campaign for the studio single ‘Up in Smoke’.. you can pre-save it out here.. then you’ll be notified first when it lands on Spotify. #pleasedo 🙂  I had the pleasure of working with my […]

Singing E-Course

Did you know that I created a singing course for you to learn at home? you get access to a video vault of singing lessons with me, spaced into 4 weeks of exercises & tips to help you use your voice. easy, simple, learn with me! click the link below to find out more

Podcast interview with Henry Crescini

I recently did an interview with a friend of mine over in Germany – we talked about all things music, and how I made a life being a nomadic touring singer songwriter for so many years in Europe. The Heart of Singing Podcast is the brainchild of Henry Crescini who is a singer songwriter himself […]

Machines of Love and Grace

I was invited to join Kav Temperley in the studio to work on some songs earlier this year. ‘Machines of Love and Grace’ is one of the songs I sang on and am so happy to share the pre-save link for you here:

I was sitting in my bedroom watching the sun set..

I was sitting in my bedroom looking out at the setting sun.. as my friend Glenn Stephenson snapped away and captured this moment.. it was just before I was heading back to Berlin for the last time (for now) I had just been through some major surgery as I had lost a baby I didn’t […]

Clancys Freo

If you want to see my next show come down to Clancy’s Fish Pub Fremantle on Sunday the 12th Sept! I’ve got some beautiful guests playing a set of their own music then joining me for a couple of songs… It’s going to be magical x ❤️🙌🌸🍹🌴💕🥂 Book your tix here $15 plus bf Or […]

I have a confession to make…

I have a confession to make.. I’ve been hiding away a bit this past year… coming home to Australia was tough for me after spending more than 8 years living in Berlin and 12 + years touring Europe & the world.. it was a bit of a slap in the face to come home to […]