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British Urban Review – Live Review!

25/11/2011 – A Personal Loop-Peddle Performance by Prita

We sent our review team to Swindon to check out Prita, an Australian newcomer on her UK autumn tour. They came back singing her praises (as well as some of her catchy songs). It was held in a small venue that wasn’t packed out; although, this gave the gig a very personal feel. Oh and what a voice! She had our two chaps a little besotted by her and her music. She sings about personal experiences, from being on the road to home life back in the land of Oz. The whole gig had a story telling theme that was very compelling and interesting. 

We have heard of loop-peddles before but we are aware many of you may not have. However, we had never seen one being used live before. It was impressive to say the least. Our review guys are still uncertain as to the science behind these musical contraptions; but we recommend you look them up to try and figure them out for yourself. There was only one criticism from the evening and that was the man in charge of sound check. We found the gig a bit loud for such a small venue, but not so much to detract from the performance itself.

Now, the genre of music is a confusing one; it has branches of Hip Hop, Soul and Folk which is very reminiscent of our main man in the charts at the moment, Ed Sheeran. It was an enjoyable few hours and we recommend you go and see this Australian beaut for yourself. Check out her website for more details on her current UK tour and to sample some of her music. 

Keep plugged in to see our album review on this newcomer. Coming soon!