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Bikini, Snow and WOoley Socks!


Hello from Sunny Norway!!!

yessss.. can you believe it, it’s actually SUNNY here in Norway!! amazing.. I even got a tan since I’ve been here.. laying in my bikini soaking up the sunshine…

Right now I’m in a lovely town called Tromse staying on a boat for a few days.. its so relaxing to sleep on the lulling waves and wake up to the sound of birds and water lapping against the hull.. takes me back to my days working as a stewardess on a private yacht in the USA, Bahamas, Caribbean.. Mediterranean.. so many good times.. good times. 😛



Last night I went on an amazing trek up to the top of ‘Eagle Mountain’ to see the incredible view and take approx 1 million photos… this is approx 8pm at night.. we stayed out all night and so did the sun!! amazing that the sun never sleeps here at this time of year!!

I also was totally fascinated with the tiny tiny flowers on top of the mountain.. and then we had an amazing bbq on the beach ‘Norway-Oz’ style..with char-grilled salmon (Lachs) and lots of veggies.. oh.. and also a couple of prawns.. because I wanted to do the ‘chuck a shrimp on the barbie’ thing.. even though we don’t actually say ‘shrimp’ in Australia.. hehehe..






In other news.. I’ve been touring in Norway for the last 6 weeks or so! and this week I’m heading back home to BERLIN to do some gigs in Germany including…

GERMANY shows:

Saturday 1st June, Private Party, Köln
Friday 7th June, One World, Reinstorf **with RObert Carl Blank & Matthew James White** book tickets
Saturday 8th June, BERLIN Guitars, **with Robert Carl Blank** book tickets
Sunday 9th June, Private House Concert, Berlin


16th-30th June, Stübli Bar, St Moritz

………………… check out more shows visit……………………………………..


I popped over to LONDON for a few days.. ( I know!! jet-setter right?:?: lol) and did my first real ‘story’ music video with the fabulous ELLE RoSE HOlmes (if you want a music video she is awesome!!) and new friend + fellow trubadur Jamie B Music…!! (he very kindly dropped everything to replace my ‘love interest’ in the music video last minute) thankyou!!!! (he’s also a great singer song-writer so check out his music!! )

we had so much fun that it didn’t feel like ‘work’ at all!! but I guess that is the whole point of doing something you :LOVE!!! that it hardly ever feels like work.. but mostly fun and play!!!

You’re gonna love the Music Video when it drops!! maybe in July or august… I’ll let you know.. stay tuned…

fun times.. fun times…


coming this year.. my 8th independent Album is called ‘HOPE’.. due out SEPTEMBER 2019 and for all the lovely amazing awesome supporters from my crowdfunder – you’ll get it first in August!! (we ended up raising about €6000 + euro!!! amazing result ) and between now and then I am finishing off the album.. its now being mixed+ mastered.. the artwork is being done and then next will be putting together the whole package with graphic design and my creative ideas.. hehehe..

SO excited about this album… it truly is the best music I’ve ever made and I was lucky enough to work with my really good mate JAIMI FAULKNER the one and only! he produced this album and we also co-wrote 6 songs together!!! its really the cream of my new songs and the songs we wrote together.. and I hope you’re gonna love it as much as I already do!!!

thanks for being on this musical journey with me x

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thanks x


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