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when life gives you lemons..

Hello Friends!! Hope you’re doing well..  I know the world feels like a crazy place at the moment with all the conflict going on.. and my wish and prayer is that it all ends as soon as possible and the people on the ground get the help and support they need to start rebuilding their […]

Europe Update & Pre-Order NEW ALBUM 2024

photo: Glenn Stephenson Well.. it’s been an amazing 3 months of travelling & playing shows all around Europe… my heart is full with inspiration, experiences, satisfaction and the feeling of a good 3 months completed…  Before I came back I was worried that maybe I had lost it all, or that the connections wouldn’t be […]

I’m so proud of this little girl…

I’m so proud of this little girl and all she’s accomplished & achieved over the years.  Travelling the world, writing and playing her songs to people everywhere, making friends and connections with her heart ❤️… Adventures, Fun, and Joy being part of her every day..  Apparently it all started when she (I) used to go to […]

Updated Europe Tour Dates 2023

Updated Europe Tour 2023 … I’m excited to announce the latest Tour Dates (more shows to be announced… ) the concerts in France & Italy will be with my awesome musician friends Lorenzo Hernnhut-Girola, Arnoise Noise & some special guests! It will be so great to play with them again! Thanks for all your support […]


A few of you have been asking me where my EUROPE 2023 tour will be taking me this year!! So far we have these shows booked, with more to be announced.. I’d love to see you at a show or two so let me know in the comments where you will be! AND if you […]

I think it’s about a 100 million degrees today??

Hello beautiful people! A quick little break in your day to update you with the latest musical adventures of P-dawg aka lil-p… otherwise known as Prita.. yes.. thats me.. and yes its a million degrees today so I might be talking a little cray cray..  Updates  Lyrics Underground BAND Show this Sunday 5th Feb, doors […]

Life is pretty sweet at the…

Hey! How’s it going? Life is pretty sweet at the moment.. between swims at the beach and my new love of Muay Thai… the music is still keeping me singing & playing every weekend in Perth and surrounds..  My re-ignited passion for art / sketching / painting has also been making me feel very happy […]

Have you been to Lyrics Underground?

Happy New Year to you! It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote you.. but not to worry! I have plenty of news and I’ll keep it brief. My next BAND show “Prita and the Jazz Hands’ is coming up in a few weeks time at the fabulous Lyrics Underground in Maylands – Sunday […]

When you feel the calling in your heart…

It’s been a magical time here in Broome this time.. something about it has grabbed my soul and planted me deep in the red earth, grounded me and whispered ‘Stay’ just a little longer.. maybe lot, maybe a LOT a LOT..  Every time I see that view of the brightest turquoise sea waters and hitting […]

Up in Smoke

Hello from a Sun-shiney-bird-singing kind of day in my home town Freo’…  I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my pre-save campaign for the studio single ‘Up in Smoke’.. you can pre-save it out here.. then you’ll be notified first when it lands on Spotify. #pleasedo 🙂  I had the pleasure of working with my […]