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Have you experienced Energy Healing, Intuition and Chakras tuning?

I recently did a six – week online course in Energy, Chakras, Healing and INtuition – it is in line with something I have always been into and interested in and was a further deepening of my practice and knowledge. As some of you may know I used to be a Massage therapist when I was in Australia and I worked with many clients to achieve body wellness. I also studied many ‘complementary therapies’ on the side over many years.. Kinisiology, Ki Force, Wild Flower Essences, Healing Touch, Body Tell.. as well as practicing Yoga and Chi Gung and various meditation techniques.

What I found in Christina Ambubuyog’s online course was a community of ‘like-minded’ souls, an inspiring, friendly and super helpful teacher and lots of support! THe course is delivered in weekly lessons to read/ watch/ and take part in as well as live calls with the teacher Christina to have your questions answered and get the support you need to clarify your experience of learning the new material.

What I got from the course was a lot of great grounding techniques, more clarity, a deeper connection with my body and energetic signals – intuition – and some great new friends. I also listen to the mp3’s of the guided meditations almost daily and find it really helps to bring me back to present.

You can read more about the course from Christina herself! here:

The number one question (besides “will I win the lottery?”) that psychics get asked all the time is “Will I meet my soul mate?”

When someone comes to me during a reading with this question. I always ask, “Do you want to receive a relationship in your life?”

Because it’s not about asking the questions of will, if, when, and where, but rather this.

HOW can I open up to receive a love that is aligned to my Soul?

Here’s why that’s the number one question people want to know.

As humans we innately want to love and be loved.

Whether or not you’re looking for your Soul mate, relationships are essential to our human experience.

Now go ahead and ask this question in different ways…

How can I deepen my connection with my children?

How can I have more intimacy and communication with my partner?

How can I cultivate more love with my family?

How can I create friendships that are uplifting, supportive, and Soulful?

The answers are within you. Because Love begins with you. And the challenges, blocks, and lack of love also begin with you.

This is why I’ve felt really guided to shift gears with Ignite Your Intuition and create this round as The Love Edition.

Oooohhh la la.


Because knowing your Soul starts with trusting your inner voice. And being in touch with your intuition, energy, chakras, and aura gives you a solid foundation in building that relationship to YOU.

Without intimacy and love with yourself, you won’t have that level of connection with others.

To have Soulful love, be in the flow, and express your purpose, then I invite you to Ignite Your Intuition: The LOVE Edition.

It’s transformational to say the least. And it’s strictly for the courageous Souls who want lead with their heart and intuition, and are willing to embark on a journey that will change your life and experience of love forever.

I’ve created a video sharing with you exactly what you’ll receive and how this program will help you create a life of purpose and soulful love.

Join me for this six week exploration! It’s going to be full of creativity, adventure, and lots of positive change 🙂

Big hugs,


( I highly recommend Christina Ambubuyog’s ‘Ignite your intuition’ course because I’ve done it and I love it and her! I am also an affiliate because I only share and recommend things that I believe in )