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How’s it going? Hope you’re enjoying your Happy Monday as much as I am! I don’t know if I’ve ever been this excited about a MONDAY ever?? why am I excited you say??? well..

guitars in bed

It’s partly because I’ve got so many cool new things happening.. and partly because I’m just loving life again.. I love my work.. I love my life.. and I am very appreciative of the awesomeness that comes my way every day.. blessings.. including these Yamaha Guitars (the Dreadnought + the ‘air’ guitar lol) my beautiful old baby Martin which continues to be my #1 baby.. the awesome gifted Koa Fender electric so generously given to me! my baby Ukelele..which I bought after my buddy Derrin Nauendorf’s concert a few years ago in Berlin Guitars! lol.. ( I bought it to teach some of my then students how to play !! and its a great songwriting tool aswell! )

So if you’d like to join me for some fun + games + lots of music + play pick a guitar / uke – then Click the link below for my special ONLINE CONCERT happening tomorrow night (Tuesday 17th April, 7pm Berlin Time zone).

I’m offering a ‘pay what you want’ ticket price – so you can easily join up here:

After the show you can stay online and chat on my fb page!

What else is a – happ – en – ning you say?.. well.. I spent a longer than expected holiday in Australia due to a few ‘LIFE’ things that happened.. the holiday was great, the ‘life’ things not so great.. but as they say.. onwards + upwards..

While I was in OZ I got to connect with lots of beautiful old + new friends, lovely family, and my much beloved home – land roots – ocean + trees.. just what I needed to rebalance and re-connect to who I am and what I want to do this next year or so..

home beach wa

So with fresh plans and filled up with sunshine I’ve returned to my other beloved home – Berlin where I am super happy to be ‘home’ aswell.. such a cool city + always so much unexpected delights here.. including spontaneous things that happened this weekend just gone.. Thai massages, finding new-to-me amazing upstairs hidden french style cafes in a neighbourhood I go ALL THE TIME.. , spontaneous Whiskey ‘probe’ or whiskey tasting at the local Irish Pub.. with besties! .. going to Spanish Church for the first time in B-town.. actually the first time ever.. (there was loads of good music and singing then coffee and cake after.. hello spanish gods.. you speak my language.. well kinda.. still brushing up on my spanish!!!).. and then to finish off an awesome weekend my housemates and I went for a beautiful walk through Britzer Park which has all the spring flowers doing their thing.. and so green!.. amazing that such great big parks are so central all over Berlin!!! the Greeen city! ps.. Nature is defo my church..

cherry blossum britzer garten berlin

I also had a fabulous weekend away in Denmark last weekend and my buddy Lisa came along for the ride which was awesome!! we got up to some good times.. 😉 and I played a few shows… we met some great people and enjoyed the good vibes in Denmark! I also taught my very first 3 hour ‘LOOP + SONGWRITING’ WORKSHOP and loved it so much that I think I’d like to do it again!! so if you’d like to learn more about the LOOP pedal and how it works and what you can use it for then please get in touch and I can possibly do a workshop in YOUR town – or if its not on the cards we can also work out some online teaching stuff!

Prita Whiskey Probe mit hund

(and after we can have a whiskey tasting.. ok??)..

whisky water without the bad parts

I’m also starting to do som MUSIC BIZ 1-on-1 coaching so if that’s something you’d be interested in you can also get in touch about that! I can coach and advise on anything music biz related that I’ve personally experienced (which is a lot) so if you’d like to learn more drop me a line at prita @ 🙂

AND.. lastly but not leastly.. I have started my very own PATREON page after years of people saying it would be a good idea… haha! finally they say!! yes!! it’s here – come and join me for as little as $2 / month! and there are all kinds of levels of awesomeness you can be involved in including but not limited to monthly song downloads + streaming, hearing new songs first before anyone else!!, pre-release parites, insider background videos of me songwriting and other shenanigans that I won’t post anywhere else = exclusive behind the curtains material 😛 and once I reach my first goal of 11 Patrons I will design a special ‘Patron’ T-shirt.. it’s going to be super cool..

thanks for being a part of my musical journey, I love knowing that I have all these cool people all over the world that support original indie music! you rock!

Drop me a line!

x Prita